Hi there! Have you heard of unschooling?

Yes. No. Maybe? For the Nos and Maybes, here’s a quick blurb:

Unschooling is a term that the late John Holt coined in the late ‘70’s to describe learning that is based on a child’s interests and needs. Unschooling does not begin with a parent’s notion of what is important to learn and then turn the choices of how to learn the content over to a child. Rather, it begins with the child’s natural curiosity and expands from there. Unschooling is not “instruction free” learning. If a child wants to learn to read, an unschooling parent may offer instruction by providing help with decoding, reading to the child, and giving the child ample opportunity to encounter words. If the child is uninterested in these supports, the parent backs off until the child asks for help. The most important thing about the unschooling process is that the child is in charge of the learning, not the adult. Unschoolers often do no traditional school work, yet they do learn traditional subject matter. They learn it as a natural extension of exploring their own personal interests.

Alison McKee

So that’s a bit about what unschooling is.

It’s what we do, here in our nest.

My son, Lewi, has always unschooled.

He’s never been to school and has always been in charge of his own learning.

In the past, I was a primary school teacher, a role that I loved, at the time.

Once I became a parent though, my ideas about learning and the need for school started to change.

By the time Lewi was of school age I had made the decision to keep him home and unschool him.

Sandra Dodd and John Holt were my starting points to understanding unschooling and the wonderful journey that could be had if I were to keep my child at home {and out and about in the world too!} and enjoy learning through living. You can read more about my reasons to unschool Lewi here, if you feel the urge:)


I’ll try and keep all of the unschooling-y posts listed here so feel free to have a read and comment.

I’d love to hear from you and what your thoughts are about unschooling.

I imagine, for many of you guys reading this who are new to the unschooling concept, that it’s a bit of a freaky idea.

I know I felt that way about homeschooling in general when I was teaching.

But let me assure you it’s pretty cool and it’s working really well for my child and lots of other families that I know.

We’re really not all that freaky either;)

I’m also part of a local home schooling group  and it’s certainly a growing group. Our group is a natural learning/unschooling based home education group that we began several years ago now, to help meet the needs of the growing numbers of families in our local valley wanting to home educate their children.

We are an open bunch of people from all walks of life. We live in a fairly wide spread community and some group members travel for over an hour to get to get togethers. We are a close knit group of mixed aged kids and we enjoy getting together once a week during school term. We visit lots of interesting places throughout the year and we also hold a discussion groups from time to time where we talk about natural learning and parenting and everything in between!

If you are interested in unschooling and home education or you would like to join our group please feel free to contact me, anytime on 02 64924727 or 0415324044 or you can email me atkim.featherandnest@gmail.com. I could talk about unschooling til the cows come home…;)

Oh, and if you’d just like to sticky beak at what we do and where we go then you might like to check out the links below.


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Are you a parent of an almost school age child?
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Embrace unschooling with confidence.

Understanding the deschooling process is the key to a flourishing unschooling life for your child.

It is a mind-shift from thinking about learning with a school based perspective to embracing the freedom and abundance that is unschooling.