Hi, I’m Kim, mum to my 17 year old son who has never been to school. He unschools.



do you know much about unschooling?

Let me explain.

So many times people have asked me: But, can he read? Can he write? Has he got friends? Those and so many other questions. You may have wondered about them too. I certainly did when I first fell across unschooling all of those years ago.

But the wonderful thing is, children learn whatever it is they need to learn when they are able to drive their own learning. When they are able to take the learning reins and be in control of it for themselves.

Reading, writing, adding up, all of those things that occur naturally in the world around us happen for unschooled kids but not because they have had a series of lessons on each topic. They’ve happened because the child has had a need for learning to read or write or add up or whatever else they may have learnt and they seek to find ways of developing those skills. It’s a really cool process to be a part of, particularly when you’ve thought for many years that children need to be taught in order to learn. No, they definitely don’t.

And what role does a parent have in all of this learning?  It’s our job to make sure that our kids learning needs are able to be met. So we become a facilitator of  their learning.

It might mean making sure they have the resources they need or the environment or the mentors or whtever it is that will help our child learn what it is they want and need to learn. Our role is to encourage our children to be lead by their interests and to take as much or as little time as they need to pursue those things. 

It is also our role to trust that whatever our children are focussed on at the time is valuable and that learning is happening.

I’m wondering about you.

What sparks your interest in unschooling?

Perhaps you are the parent of an almost-school-age child, wondering where you should send your precious little one to school?

Or maybe you have a child already in school but can see some issues arising there?

Or perhaps you have heard about unschooling and you’d like to do it but you’re feeling unsure about where to start?

If any of that rings true for you then I truly hope that I can help smooth the unschooling path for you – clear away some of the bigger stones that are in your way and make the road easier. It is a wonderful adventure, the unschooling journey, one that I am so thankful we found all of those years ago.

I’ve written a book  about how I came to make the decision to unschool my son.


It’s free and  My gift to you. I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear your thoughts.   xxx


And I’ve spent quite a bit of time, over our unschooling years, writing about, and sharing our journey. Click on the links below to have a read…

If you’d like to chat  about unschooling or ask questions or just connect up with a cool unschooling support group then pop over and join the facebook group. See you there!

My blog is full of unschooling posts. Here are three to start you off… 

if you are serious about unschooling your child but you’re wanting a little bit of extra support to get yourself on the right path, I’ve got just the thing for you.

This 5 week course will give you all that you need to start unschooling your child.

The focus is on you. Deschooling youself of the educational beliefs you’ve developed over your life time  is the key to really understanding the  unschooling concept. Once you have deschooled your mind then you will be ready to embrace your child’s unschooling journey.

It’s simple. It’s quick. It’s a process that I can help you go through, step by step.

The course details are all there. Check them out and start your unschooling journey today!