property for sale styling package


Making a great first impression when you are selling your home is key to improving and quickening your property sale.

Sometimes your home’s hidden assets just need to be revamped, de cluttered a little and brought back to life. Simply rearranging furniture and taking away pieces can make such a difference in the overall look and feel of your home. Rooms  can be styled  using the lovely treasures that you already have. Bringing out your own things can help your property have that cosy, welcoming feel that buyers are after and helps create a space that buyers want to live in.

Feather & Nest offers a Property Styling service to help highlight your home’s assets and make the sale of your property a more enjoyable experience.


Onsite Property Styling Package Includes:

I will visit your property for up to 2.5 hours and make suggestions on styling and presenting your home for sale using mostly what you already have.

I will give you ideas on de-cluttering and maximising spaces, ideas for highlighting your home’s assets, easy ways of  downplaying your home’s possible problematic areas  so that buyers will focus on the positives  and maximising your home’s overall first impressions when a buyer first steps inside your house.

Price: $150.00


Pre-Photoshoot Styling

I can turn up at your property before photos for advertising are to be taken and make  sure your home’s styling and presentation is maximised for photographs. I can stick around while the photographer/agent takes photos to help the process run smoothly and take the pressure off you. I can also arrange a photo shoot for photographs to be taken on request.

Prices start from: $100

Click here to organise your consult. I’m really looking forward to helping you with the sale of your precious nest.


Kim x