What is a simple, homely, country life?
Well, apart from a mouthful, a simple, homely, country life to me, is a life that is not focussed on the things that society deems to be fashionable. Simplifying my life has meant looking at what really and truly matters most to me and for my family and then focussing on that. Sometimes that has meant I’ve had to drown out a lot of the outside noise. The noise that says I should be owning more, earning more, buying more, doing more, going here, doing this, doing that. I have to drown that out and look at how it is that I want to live my life. For me that has meant quite a few lifestyle changes. These changes haven’t happened over night but little by little I’ve made alterations to the way I think and the things that I value so that I can embrace a lifestyle that is more parred down and focussed on the good stuff.


A big part of having a simple, homely country life is obviously living in the country.

Living in the country helps me, personally, live more simply. There’s less noise, less busyness, less rush, less distractions, less traffic, less flashing lights and neon signs. I know that some of you are city dwellers and that you like where you live. I’m not advocating that everyone move to the country to make their lives less complicated and homely, and I know that city dwellers can make their lives more simple and homely and still remain in the city. But I do think, for me, it’s important that I live in the country. It’s part of the simplifying process that I’ve needed.

When I talk about living a simple, homely country life, I’m talking about it in terms of me and my partner, Pete and our family and how it has worked in our lives. And I think you and us can take from each other the bits and pieces that are relevant to us and make them our own. So your simple, homely country life will look different to mine and that’s cool. That’s what makes life so rich and interesting and lovely.

And I am certainly no expert when it comes to all this simple, homely living. I’m on a journey called life and it’s changing all the time.

I love beautiful things. I love surrounding myself with things that feel homely and restful and comforting to me. It’s part of my nature and part of the home making gene that runs through my veins. And those things are so individual and often quirky. They may be the very things that someone else turns their nose up at. And that’s OK. Our homes and our lives are so very individual and unique and we need to make them our own and not a replica of someone elses. And I think home making is so important, especially in this rushy, hectic, kind-of-disconnected day and age. Not stylised, impossible to live in home making, but more the home making modelled off birds. They carefully choose their pieces of twigs and feathers and straw, each one is prescious and purposeful yet their main aim is to provide a haven for their loved ones, a comfy, cosy shelter where they can feel safe and secure and get away from the wildness going on beyond the nest.

There’s a beautiful scripture in the Bible that I often read. I’m drawn to it for so many reasons but it feels fitting to mention it here in this little Feather & Nest space of mine. I think you’ll see why when you read it.

Even the sparrow finds a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young, at your altars, O LORD of hosts, my King and my God.
Psalm 84:3

So, Feather & Nest is all about my simple, homely country life. Sometimes it’s also about other people’s simple, homely, country lives. You can find reloved treasure and home making stories, recipes, gardening tales and mishaps, cute animal shenanigans, road trips, interviews with homely, foodie, country types, some DIY, our unschooling adventures and everything in between.

Here are some of the things that I write about with some  blog posts to get you started on the makings of my simple, homely country life, Feather & Nest style.

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