Home Styling consults

Homemaking is my passion. I think of myself as a home maker. A featherer and a nester. I love making my home feel cosy and comfortable and a space that my family and friends love to spend time in. I am a collector of old things – reloved treasures and I spread these throughout my home to use and enjoy and to help tell the story of my home and the people who live in it.

I like to bring this home making approach to all of the consultations I have with others and so, I tend to think of myself as a friend who  you’d invite over for a cup of tea, chat and brain-picking session about your nest rather than  an expert in interior design. I honestly think that it’s the sharing of creative ideas, the tooing and froing of thoughts and suggestions and the using of pre-loved treasures that helps people turn their houses into cosy, unique and lovely to live in nests.

As part of the revamping stage I aim to help you, during consultations, turn your space  into a cosy nest that tells the story of the people who live there. Everyone has things that they love to surround themselves with. I call these feathering treasures. It might be a lovely stack of well-read books or a collection of old crockery. It could be a vase of fresh flowers or a bed covered in a crocheted hand-me-down blanket. It might be a group of pretty scented candles or their child’s hand-made artwork. These personal and often times, reloved items, help weave the tapestry that becomes this lovely, cosy, unique-to-you space.

And, it may not be your personal house that you’re needing help with. It could be a shop, a rental property, a shed, a studio, a shipping container, a caravan or even a tent! Every space that you own can be turned into a space that you just don’t want to leave.

You might want help with styling or storage ideas, decorating with colour or fabrics, or simply some help with de-cluttering and rearranging the treasures that you already have in a new way. The list is pretty much endless! It’s fun and  challenging and so rewarding for me to be able to  help you create a nest that becomes that little haven away from the stresses and busyness of life. It’s what everyone needs. And I’d love to help you achieve that.

Home Styling COnsult

I love helping people turn their houses into cosy, unique nests that tell the story of the people who live there. Sometimes all you need is someone to sit and chat with, to vent your nesty ideas to and get some suggestions and  clarity on what to do. Other times it’s a bigger project that might need a bit more than a casual chat. Here are some ideas that you might need help with and that I’d love to chat with you about:

  • Using what you already have to make your nest more unique, quirky and cosy.
  • Help with selecting treasures and bits and pieces from what you already have in the cupboard or the back shed or even going out and finding new/old things from garage sales, auctions, op shops or general retail stores to use in your nest.
  • Help determining your feathery and nesty style
  • Help to make a mood board to inspire you in your nest making.
  • Help with furniture arrangement and room layouts.
  • Help to make a rental space more cosy and unique.
  • Storage ideas.
  • Renovation ideas.
  • Cosying up a large space in your nest.
  • Making the most of a tiny space in your nest.
  • Making your shop more nesty and inviting.
  • Help choosing colours for your walls, furniture and exterior.
  • Help choosing fabrics and soft furnishings for your nest.
  • Minimalising and de-cluttering for general nesty living or for selling your nest.
  • Revamping spaces in or outside of your nest.

As you can see the list is absolutely endless. So if you’d like some friendly chatty help over a cup of tea with someone who loves feathering and nesting then please send me an email and book a consult. I’d love to help:)

2.5 hour home styling and decorating consult

I visit your home and give you ideas on ways to make your house more cosy and unique to you and the people who live there. We might move things around a bit or bring out treasures that you already own and give them a new place to shine. Mainly we will chat together about what you’d like to change and how you would like your home to look and feel. We might also chat about colour, fabrics, furniture, upcycling, de-cluttering, room layouts, storage ideas, rennovations …. Really the list is endless. It’s totally up to you and your needs.

Price: $100.00

Property For Sale Styling Package

Making a great first impression when you are selling your home is key to improving and quickening your property sale.

Sometimes your home’s hidden assets just need to be revamped, de cluttered a little and brought back to life. Simply rearranging furniture and taking away pieces can make such a difference in the overall look and feel of your home. Rooms  can be styled  using the lovely treasures that you already have. Bringing out your own things can help your property have that cosy, welcoming feel that buyers are after and helps create a space that buyers want to live in.

Feather & Nest offers a Property Styling service to help highlight your home’s assets and make the sale of your property a more enjoyable experience.


Onsite Property Styling Package Includes:

I will visit your property for up to 2.5 hours and make suggestions on styling and presenting your home for sale using mostly what you already have.

I will give you ideas on de-cluttering and maximising spaces, ideas for highlighting your home’s assets, easy ways of  downplaying your home’s possible problematic areas  so that buyers will focus on the positives  and maximising your home’s overall first impressions when a buyer first steps inside your house.

Price: $150.00


Pre-Photoshoot Styling

I can turn up at your property before photos for advertising are to be taken and make  sure your home’s styling and presentation is maximised for photographs. I can stick around while the photographer/agent takes photos to help the process run smoothly and take the pressure off you. I can also arrange a photo shoot for photographs to be taken on request.

Prices start from: $100

Mood Board Creation

What is a Mood Board?

It’s a visual page, which I do on my computer, and it’s purpose is to give you an idea of how your nest will look once all of the elements are put into place. Things like colour, fabrics, textures, furniture, feathering treasures, lighting, window fittings, soft furnishings and all of the smaller details that you’d like to add to your space go into a mood board.

Mood Board Creation

We will chat about your home and what your needs are, either in person (if it is in combination with a home visit consult) or via email/phone (if you live outside of the Bega Valley) and I will create a mood board for you to use as the inspiration for you to begin creating your lovely nest.



It might not be practical for me to visit your home due to distance but I don’t think that should stop us working on creating a cosy, unique-to-you nest. We can do it via Skype, phone calls and email.

You can email or message me photos of your home and we can chat about what it is you’d like help with. I will create a mood board for you based on what we chat about to give you some visual ideas for your space. I can also set you up a private pinterest board which we can work on together to come up with some visual ideas to go with your mood board and overall plan for your nest.

Price: $200 which will include: chatting time, mood board and pinterest board creation.

Ready for a Homely Life?

If you’d like to make an appointment for one of my Home Styling services you can email me to make a time for either a free 15 minute chat or your session: