Here’s a little story, the Gluttonous Adventures story. It’s a bit of a whacky love tale and it’s mostly true, unless of course the truth got in the way and then, of course, the story took priority!

Hopefully it will give you some idea about our Gluttonous Adventures beginnings.

Once upon a time in the lush green, silage and cheese scented valley of Bega  there lived an over forty year old maiden and  her 15 year old, opinionated son, whom she unschooled and so had no one to blame except herself.

Even though the nicest ocean on the far south coast was right at their doorstep,  the son surfed the internet for fun and knowledge and the maiden for blogging and love.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the valley, on the top of Bald Hills (this named due to the lack of anything on top of them), lived an almost fifty year old, ogre who was also balding. The ogre lived, for most of the time, alone in depression. He also loved the ocean and could see it from his castle (the shed) but that was close enough, for he too surfed the net for love and companionship.

One dark night while surfing the net, the over 40 year old maiden’s very dear friend found the maiden a subject worth inspecting. She encouraged the maiden to say something to the ogre, because he too liked taking photos. Who was to know that he would become the perfect Instagram husband?

Meanwhile, the ogre was relieved that someone in his own valley and not a ten hour drive away was communicating with him. He soon asked for her number and bombarded the maiden with photos and writings of his times and turmoil. This, to his surprise, did not scare her away and they chatted and laughed on the phone for hours and days.

Finally, one day he was able to convince the over forty year old to go on a romantic date with him, to a place right by the ocean.

Both the maiden and the ogre were as nervous as teenagers meeting their partners parents for the first time. Which reminds me, the ogre did have his mummy drop him off at the place right by the ocean where the two were to encounter one another.

Anyway ,there at the place by the ocean (the Merimbula Wharf) they shared their first meal together. Who was to know that this would inspire them to have many, many more gluttonous adventures?

They laughed at each other’s nervousness and complimented each other on their aged beauty and after their meal the maiden drove the ogre back to show her his castle, where he impressed her with more food and wine.

She left him with a warm heart and as he glanced outside and noticed his prized cattle and sheep grazing in the paddock beyond his castle the ogre started thinking about the over 40 year old maiden and her aged beauty and how very much like his beloved animals she really was. Her sun drenched, leathery skin and  big brown cow eyes.

Yes, this was definitely love.