This little guide is made up of 5 things that I have done and embraced which has helped me  create our simple country life on the beautiful Far South Coast.

I am not an expert. Not by a long shot. But little by little, bit by bit I have been working on creating a more simplified, homely life in the country with my family. It’s a process. A journey. It’s ever changing as I grow and learn by my mistakes and my wins. 

These 5 things have been so helpful to me and I hope that you too will enjoy the loveliness that happens when you embrace them for yourself.

When you grab the free guide you will also receive weekly letters from me. They are snippets from my life, some personal, some just the regular goings on, some tips, some thoughts, some questions too, as I seek to live and share and learn. I’m hoping we can work together and share what we all have learnt about living a simple, homely country life.

love Kim x