What Is A Simple Country Kitchen?




A simple country kitchen is a place where: 

  • Everyone can gather around home cooked meals, sharing stories and the general goings on of life, in a space that is welcoming and embracing and cosy.
  • It’s well used and it’s far from perfect but it feels nice to be in and it has enough reloved treasures in it to make people feel nostaligic but not totally freaked out.
  • You can often find jars of preserves in the cupboards, freshly picked veggies in the fridge (OK, sometimes they are a little rotten and need to be thrown out!) and something fermenting on the bench tops.
  • The hub of the home can be find. It can get messy and wild but there’s usually a lot of love that oozes from it and that makes up for the mess.



Here are some blog posts to get you on your way around my simple, country kitchen.

There are recipes, food stories and childhood memories that involve cooking and eating – two of my favourite past times, obviously;) Enjoy!