Have you heard the hype about essential oils?

there’s a lot of chatter going on about essential oils, don’t you think? there’s a reason for that. they are so, so good. .

here’s a little bit about my journey into the land of essential oils.

I first started using doTERRA essential oils about 5 years ago now after a couple of good friends introduced them to me.
At first I thought it was all about the smell.
How wrong I was!
Though the smell is so good too….

I bought the Family Essentials Kit when I first joined up with Doterra  and I had fun playing around with all of the different oils. From colds and coughs to cleaning products and everything in between, I learnt that there’s an oil for everything you could possibly think of. Gradually I became hooked and my little old metal cake tin quickly started to overflow with all sorts of delicious oils. I love that the oils can be used in so many  different ways. They can be used on the skin (most of them, but not all), they can be diffused through a diffuser that doesn’t over heat the oil and some can  be taken internally. I use them in cooking and in my water kefir and drinks. I rub them on my feet and chest and tummy and neck. I have a major obsession with diffusing lemon and lemongrass. It’s my favourite at the moment. Mmmm.


If you’d like to join doTERRA so you too can have these lovely essential oils have a look here at my joining doTERRA page. It’s an easy peasy process and there’s no pressure to buy or any of that. When you join you can order whatever and whenever you like. There are lurks and perks for ordering a certain amount but that’s only if you want those. I’ve been ordering products and oils every month for the past few years and I have found doTERRA to be a lovely company to deal with.