Free E-Book.
Are you a parent of an almost school age child?
Do you have concerns about the school system?
Do you have a child in the school system who isn’t coping?
Are you keen to look into an alternative learning path for your child?
I’ve written this ebook especially for you.

This is my story. It is small and it doesn’t cover every detail of my 45 years of living but I do share parts of my life, the parts that I truly believe lead me to make the decision to unschool my own child.

I have written about my childhood and my beautifully connected and dedicate mum. I’ve written about loss and how that affected me in my life. I’ve written about my learning experiences – my school days and university life. I’ve written about becoming a teacher and the impact that had on my view of how children learn. I’ve written about becoming a mum, my greatest role ever and of course, I’ve written about the decision to unschool Lew. You will find, I truly hope, words of comfort in the pages of my book, knowing that if I can make the decision to unschool then so can you.
And I hope that within these pages you will feel encouraged to make the decision to unschool your own child and realise that the unschooling journey is such a wonderful learning journey to travel.

Click now to get your free copy of Journey to Unschooling and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to chat more about unschooling or about my book . I’d really love to hear from you:)
Kim x