Embrace unschooling with confidence…

Are you new to unschooling but a little bit worried about what it’s going to be like for your child?

Have you been thinking about unschooling your child but unsure about where to begin?

Are you wanting to develop confidence as an unschooling parent?

Are you already home educating your child but considering changing to an unschooling approach?

It is the perfect starting place to help rid yourself of those worries and fears about the unschooling road less travelled.

Understanding the deschooling process is the key to a flourishing unschooling life for your child.

It is a mind-shift from thinking about learning with a school based perspective to embracing the freedom and abundance that is unschooling.


But it can be a tricky process to go through on your own when …

• You’re new to unschooling and you have some fears and worries about what life might be like for your child.

• You lack confidence and feel unsure.

• You’re nervous about not being able to be everything you need to be for your child.

• You fear the judgements from people around you who don’t understand unschooling.

• Society expects you to send your child to school.

• You view learning from a school perspective and you’re not quite sure how to make that shift to unschooling.




What you need is to change the way you view learning. And the easiest most simple way to do that, is by deschooling your mind with someone who can support you through that process.

Deschool Your Mind, Unschool Your Child will provide you with…

  • Someone who will be by your side, who will help you understand your own ideas about learning and help you replace those with unschooling. Someone who will help you clear those blockages and help shift your way of thinking.
  • Someone who will keep you grounded when you’re feeling worried and calm when you’re feeling like it’s all too much.
  •  Someone who can help you become a confident unschooling parent who sees their child’s learning flourishing.
  •  Someone who has been where you are and knows what it takes to shift their view of learning and make the changes to fully embrace unschooling.

How Did This Course Come About? 

I remember the process I went through to make the decision to unschool my son 14 years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember the excitement of finally discovering a learning approach that would suit his needs and our lifestyle but feeling so overwhelmed by the whole thing. It was entirely different from the school system I had been entrenched in for my whole life and I had my own set of fears and concerns about how unschooling would work for our family.

I spent the early years deschooling myself and building support networks around us so that we could flourish in this new found way of learning. It took time and it took a lot of my energy to source everything I needed and to find my tribe.

I decided that I would create a course that would provide all of those things in one neat package for new unschoolers and parents wanting to deschool their mind and have a better, more connected unschooling experience. I wanted to make the process of deschooling so much easier for others venturing along the unschooling path. I wanted to create a process that parents can implement straight away and see positive results immediately. I wanted a place for people to feel supported and cared for in their early days of unschooling and a safe haven for them to share all of their fears and concerns with someone who has been in a very similar place to them. And I wanted that all to be affordable and easy to access.


Give you the confidence you need to successfully unschool your child.

Help you to become the best support and facilitator possible for your child.

Give you the tools to make the mind shift into unschooling.

Provide you with a positive network of like-minded people to help support and encourage you on your unschooling journey.

Allow you to participate at your own pace.

Emphasise and build up your parent-child relationship.

Support you to care for your child’s learning well-being.

Deschool Your Mind, Unschool Your Child will …

Deschool Your Mind, Unschool Your Child is 5 weeks of encouraging and supporting you through the deschooling process.

By the end of the course you will feel confident about your decision to unschool and be ready to support and encourage your child’s learning and embrace unschooling to its fullest potential so that your child will flourish and grow in creativity, self-direction, motivation and enthusiasm.

What Does The Course Include?

 • A Copy of my Journey to Unschooling ebook.

• 5 weekly sessions of audios, handout activities to participate in and notes.

• Access to the Deschool Your Mind, Unschool Your Child facebook group.

• An opportunity to be a part of an encouraging, supportive unschooling online community.

• Unlimited support throughout the 5 weeks.

• Links to unschooling resources and online communities.

• Bonus interviews with other unschooling parents.

The Course Structure

Week 1 – Introduction

Session 1: What is Unschooling and How is it Different To School?

Week 2 – Session 2: What Is Deschooling and Why is it So Important?

Week 3 – Session 3: Changing Your Viewpoint About Learning.

Week 4 – Session 4: Embracing Your Child’s Interests.

Week 5 – Session 5: Building Your Confidence to Unschool.


Each week you will receive audios on the relevant session topics as well as notes and activities for you to print out over the 5 weeks. These will be delivered to you via an email each week which will have the links for you to access the course material from Feather & Nest.

There will be email reminders mid-week to help you stay on track and to give you some words of encouragement and support.

Each week’s session topics will have some related activities attached to them. Of course, they are not compulsory, and no one will be grading your work but I do recommend that you take part in the activities because their aim is to help you move into a new framework of thinking about learning and that takes place bit by bit. Participation, I have found from my own course experiences, is key to getting the most out of the course.

You will also be able to access me via email or the Facebook group whenever you need to ask a question, vent any issues or just share your experiences. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch and pick my brains as much as you like.

Why not make 2018 the year you fully embrace deschooling and give your child that wonderful gift of an unschooling life?

Deschool Your Mind, Unschool Your Child …