about gluttonous adventures



Well, like we mentioned in our whacky love story, Gluttonous Adventures, at least in it’s early developing stages, began back when we first met. It was then that we realised that not only did we love one another but we had a mutual love for good, locally sourced food.

The finalising stages of Gluttonous Adventures came about one night, quite some time later while we were eating out at a yummy Indian restaurant. The meal was delicious. We couldn’t stop raving about each dish through gluttonous mouthfuls and many shocking moments of talking with our mouths full. At the time we were off on a road trip in search of a little vintage caravan so it seemed fitting that our conversation got all tangled up in food and wine and adventure. As it often does. We wondered about the town that we were staying in – what food stories lurked there? Food and travelling thoughts swirled around both of our heads. We got a little bit carried away that night and ended up with a brand new venture: Gluttonous Adventures.

We wanted a platform where we could share the stories of our gluttonous adventures as well as promote good quality, local, scrumptious food and all that goes with the kind of feasting that we  enjoy so much. The story behind the food we eat is so important to us. Both  of us have fond childhood memories based around food and family gatherings around the table and we know that most people we come across in life  have the same sorts of  stories to tell. We want to help bring those stories to life.

Every one of these gluttonous adventure stories begins with a paddock out the back somewhere. Rooted deep within the paddock layers the story emerges to the surface. Fed and nurtured in it’s early beginnings until it  wanders off to the people who prepare the food and the stories around their lives. It meanders through old family recipes and experimenting moments with produce in homes. It lingers at shop fronts owned by motivated, creative types who are passionate about food and sharing it. It smatters itself against  stainless steel splashbacks in busy restaurant kitchens. It licks and smears onto plates and then it makes it’s way to the table where it stops and is slurped and scoffed.

Gluttonous Adventures take these stories from the paddock to the table and brings them to you.  We want to highlight as many of the wonderful, quirky, local produce-using gluttonous businesses out there, that we can find. The restaurants and cafes, the bars and breweries, the wineries and distilleries, the coffee and tea houses. The producers of good food and drink.

Food brings people together. Connecting people with the food story is what Gluttonous Adventures is all about.
We hope you enjoy your time here and that you get to take part in some of our Gluttonous Adventures for yourself.

Kim & Pete xx