Simplifying and Decluttering

This past year I have been thinking more and more about simplifying and decluttering. By thinking I guess I really mean procrastinating, because isn’t that the real reason why we never simplify and declutter in the first place? It is for me, at least.

It takes me a long time to make decisions. Not always but mostly. I’m also slow to change and I’m strong on routine and the familiar so when I do finally make a decision I usually stick to it for a fair while. And one more thing, before I move forward, I love reloved treasure. Every piece of furniture or item in my home has been purchased with love and, usually, thought. So it’s hard to let go.

But how much is enough? Honestly.

And while we are being honest, I still can’t honestly answer that question but I am, most definitely feeling that at this stage of my life and in this little tin house, I really do have too much stuff.

I have downsized my home from biggish to smallish over the past 5 years and I still haven’t simplified or decluttered enough to make this home feel calm and soothing enough. It’s lovely and I feel good here, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I still feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of bits and pieces I have in our spaces and I’d really like to deal with it, this year. I kind of said that last year, to myself, and  out loud to quite a few people, and I did make a little bit of progress, but I really do have  a lot more to get rid of.

Last year I was motivated by a good friend of mine who was in a major simplifying, decluttering head space. She was like superwoman with it all. Every week she’d have stuff on the for sale facebook groups. Every week she’d pass on piece after piece of stuff she just didn’t want or need anymore. She ended up selling her property at the end of last year and so that paring down was such a great help to her when they eventually needed to move. So I started doing the same. I made the difficult decision to sell my little dressing table. It was one of the first reloved treasures I bought way back when I was buying my first home and I have loved it ever since. I always planned to strip it back and fix the drawers up. That never happened. Not that I didn’t ever fix pieces of furniture up. I did. But for some reason I never ever got to that one. Those drawers frustrated the heck out of me every.single.day. I would end up in a frustrated ball of sweat trying to prize my undies out of there.

House after house the little dressing table stayed. Every one of my bedrooms was graced by it’s presence but by the time I’d moved it into this little house I realised, due to having a fairly small bedroom, that it was no longer a practical piece of furniture – and, I could no longer stand that drawer battle every.single. day. Pete often asked me if I’d like him to fix the drawers. I think he feared for his life after seeing the fits I would get into when the drawers just wouldn’t open!!!! But by then I knew it was time to say goodbye to the dresser and pass it onto someone who had the space and need.

And it was such a great feeling to be able to let go. You see I get way too attached to things. Old things. And that’s no good when you run out of space and need to simplify. So I sold the dresser, straight away, on one of those facebook selling groups that my friend had used, and it felt wonderful. I found myself feeling a bit more free so I managed to part with another little piece – this time a cute chest of drawers that I never did put those handles on. Again, I loved these drawers but they were just as frustrating as the dressing table ones and I also didn’t have the room or need for them anymore. So I sold those. And that felt great. two pieces in under two weeks.


And then it stopped. I lost my momentum. And even despite Pete’s nice little reminders to me to get some more stuff on facebook I just didn’t. But now it’s February and I’m ready to tackle it again. Next up is a cute little white chair. I have so much stuff that I can’t use anymore up in the back of the studio and it sends my heart into a panic whenever I duck my head in there. It’s up to the ceiling in some spots (a pretty tiny space though, I’m not ready to go on Hoarders or anything, don’t worry). But I really, really, really want to simplify and declutter this year. I know how good I’m going to feel when I’ve got through it all. And I also think it’s such a waste to be storing reloved treasures in a shed space, collecting dust, when someone else could love them and enjoy them in their home.

So onwards and upwards with the simplifying and decluttering for me! I’m off to pop my chair on facebook.

Do you struggle with decluttering? Do you even care for it? What has helped you overcome the pain of having to begin the process? I’d love to know.

Kim x