What is a simple country life?

Happy New Year to you! A fresh New Year is already upon us. Goodness me life flies by, doesn’t it? And because it goes by all too quickly it makes me desperate  to focus on the things that matter most. I think about how I want to live my life and what priorities  I need to make to live that life more fully.

So to my priorities. First and foremost for me is the relationship I have with God. Living a life that is according to His ways and His Word would be my number one priority.

The next  most important thing for me is my family. My partner, Pete, my son and Pete’s two kids are who I want to give my absolute best to. And of course I want to give lots to my close family and friends as well.

After that is definitely a lifestyle thing. I want to live a simple, country life.


Why simple?

Why country?

I think that for all of my life I have been given opportunities that have shown me how good life can be when it is simple and in the country. My parents modeled that to us as we were growing up. They made the move from the rat race of Sydney to set up a simple kind of existence in the country for each other and for us. They went against the grain and chose a path less fancy, less money orientated and far more calm and slow and wholesome. That way of living got into my pores, into my bones. It shaped me and my thinking and I ‘m pretty sure it’s what lead me back to the valley as an adult. The valley where my simple, country life first began.

And it’s funny how God works because unbeknown to me, my beautiful Pete, also had cravings of a simple, country life on the Far South Coast.

Pete grew up in Melbourne but he spent a lot of his childhood with close family friends who lived on a farm outside of Melbourne. It was there that he developed a love of animals and space and growing food and living off the land. Once he was all grown up he spent 8 years  travelling around Australia living frugally, enjoying the freedom of very limited possessions and responsibilities. He was living a pretty simple existence. Eventually he bunkered down and began a slightly different life as a husband and parent.  At that time he was  settled back into city living.  He spent the majority of his time working to provide a big life for his family, trying to please everyone around him with financial stability and possessions and things that were supposed to make everyone happy. Meanwhile something inside him was unsettled. He hungered after a different life, a simpler life …a life in the country. He yearned to bring his kids up in a place where they could run freely, where they knew lots of community members and where they could  enjoy a slower paced childhood. He wanted his own plot of dirt to work and farm, he wanted animals, he wanted to grow veggies, he wanted to live more simply, on less. He wanted to become more self sufficient and less focussed on money and things.

So he made the move and relocated to the valley. The same valley that I had come back to.

And then we met one another. Life had it’s ups and downs and humongus curves but eventually Pete and I crossed paths and we found one another. God gave us to one another, and now here we are blending our lives together with 3 kidlets, 2 country properties, lots of animals and plenty of grass to mow. Our desires are the same, to live a simple, country life. Our lives are still quite complicated. We are unsure about how to deal with two properties, two lots of animals, two lives that are now united. But we are learning and growing together and we will, under God’s grace, simplify it all, eventually.

But back to my initial question? What is a simple country life?

To me it is living a life that is not focussed on the things that society deems to be fashionable.  Simplifying my life has meant looking at what really and truly matters most to me and for my family and then focussing on that. Sometimes that has meant I’ve had to drown out a lot of the outside noise. The noise that says I should be owning more, earning more, buying more, doing more, going here, doing this, doing that. I have to drown that out and  look at how it is that I want to live my life. For me that has meant quite a few lifestyle changes. These changes haven’t happened over night but little by little I’ve made alterations to the way I think and the things that I value so that I can embrace a lifestyle that is more parred down and focussed on the good stuff.

A simple country life is also obviously a life that is lived in a country environment. That helps me, personally, live more simply. There’s less noise, less busyness, less rush, less traffic, less flashing lights and neon signs. I know that some of you are city dwellers and that you like where you live. I’m not advocating that everyone move to the country to make their lives less complicated and I know that city dwellers can make their lives more simple and still remain in the city.  But I do think, for me, it’s important that I live in the country. It’s part of the simplifying process that I’ve needed.

So, when I talk about living a simple country life, I’m talking about it in terms of me and Pete and how it’s worked in our lives. And I think you and us can take from each other the bits and pieces that are relevant to us and make them our own. I’m hoping that over this lovely fresh new year we can go on a journey together …a simple, country life journey, and create in our own lives a bit more simple and a bit more country.

What do you think?

I’ve been working on a little guide. It’s my guide to living a simple country life and it contains 5 things that I have embraced while creating a simple country life on the Far South Coast over the past several years. I’m certainly no simple, country life expert. This is a work in progress. A journey. A discovery. I’m enjoying so far and I see so much more to learn around the corner. So, if you’d like to come along with me as I continue to create a simple country life for us, I would so love it. We can learn from one another and share our ups and downs and round and rounds. I’m going to be sending out weekly-ish email letters this year that will be a little more personal, sometimes, not all the time, about my life and our goings on. They will actually be snippets, beginning points so to speak, of some books that I’m working on writing. If you sign up for the letters you will be the first to read those snippets and I’m hoping that we can get to know each other better and have some lovely conversations around simple country living. I know I’d have a lot to learn from you and the journey that you’ve been on. We can walk it together. What do you think?

Here’s the little guide. I hope you enjoy it. Click on it and it will be delivered straight to your inbox:)

A guide to Living a simple country life 2

And I look forward to sharing more simple, country living letters, photos, blog posts and more over the next 12 months. And what I’d really, really love is if you would share your life journey with me too. I want to learn from your simple, country life experiences. There’s so much to gain from sharing and talking with one another so please let me know how things are for you, where you’re at, what your dreams are, some of the mistakes you’ve made (I’ll be sharing mine over the year!) and everything in between. I’m so looking forward to this year ahead.

love Kim x