losing pets really sucks

Losing pets really sucks.

I wouldn’t change this simple country life of ours for anything else. And I wouldn’t change the bond we have for each and every animal that comes into our care on this little 3 acres of ours. Each animal is loved and cared for as if they were a pet. They are pets, really and I suppose this is the blurred line that I find difficult to explain to people who look out to our paddocks and into our garden and see the animals there as typical farm animals that suit a purpose other than that of a human companion.

Our animals are each here for different reasons. All of them do serve a purpose. The goats and cows keep the grass in the paddocks managed and give us manure for the garden. The chooks give us eggs and fertiliser. The new geese help to keep the grass in our garden down. Our dog is a guard for the animals and us. The lizard eats snails and, well really doesn’t do that much at all. Everything has some kind of purpose…but, each one of them is cared about just the same as we care for our dog. We interact with them all every day and we spend time with them. They are all friendly and enjoy being around us. Sometimes a little too much.

When one of them dies, we struggle.

Recently, my absolute favourite of them all, little Sunny, died. Lew and I were heart broken. Tears flowed. Sobs and all of that. It was such a sad, sad time for us. It’s kind of hard to explain it because most people can relate to the pain of losing a well loved dog or cat. But a tiny little pekin bantam rooster, not so much. But honestly, he was just like a dog. He’d seek out our company and leave his little flock to see us. He’d race up the second we called him and lapped up every moment of patting and cuddling that he could. He’d literally fall asleep in our arms. He’d jump into the car if we were nearby and the door happened to be open. He’d sit on our door mat most days and he was in our life as much as our dog is.

losing pets really sucks

He was an exceptional rooster. I haven’t known many others like him. His dad was the same. So too his brother. There was something very special in that line. All of them, Angel (Sunny’s dad) and Norbert (Sunny’s brother) and Sunny were  affection, sweet natured, people seeking, cute as a button little roosters.

He’d sit so still whenever I would take photos of him, not moving  a muscle. Sweet Pea is also pretty patient but nowhere near as tolerant as Sunny. She has her limits and gets sick of things eventually. He had that superstar quality! lol

losing pets really suckslosing pets really sucks


The girls seem out of sorts. He was such a gentleman. Always letting them eat before he would, taking care of them, protecting them. He fought a hawk for those girls. And won. Tussled and tussled about on the ground with a hawk until it took off when it saw us racing towards the pen.


losing pets really sucks

Oh dear. Life’s not quite the same here without little Sunny. It makes me wonder whether all this bonding is really very good for me in the end. Whether it would be easier to treat our paddocky animals as just that, paddock animals. But it doesn’t seem to be in me to do that. And Lew’s the same. Sometimes I wish I could take that tablespoon of cement and harden up, just a little, but I can’t see the point of having animals that aren’t friendly and tame and well loved. That’s just me, I know. Some people are able to keep a distance from their animals. That definitely serves a purpose, particularly if you plan to eat them. Sometimes I wish I could be more like that but it’s only to avoid the pain of losing pets.

Goodbye little Sunny. You were definitely the most precious and treasured rooster alive.

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Kim x

losing pets really sucks