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Deschool Your Mind, Unschool Your Child launch very soon.

Hello there. Well, it’s not very long now until my very first ecourse is about to launch. Actually, it will all be happening on Wednesday the 1st of November. Yep, that’s next Wednesday! It’s been a little while in the making but I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel and I am starting to feel pretty excited…and a tad nervous.

So why did I decide to create a course about deschooling? And what the heck is deschooling anyway? First things first, deschooling in a brief little nutshell, refers to the process people (both kids and adults) go through after they have come out of a formal school situation. It is a process of people getting used to a less structured, more self-directed environment for learning and it takes time. It takes time to learn to live without the structure and regimented subjects that school provides. It takes time to adjust to the changes that come about by embracing unschooling as a learning option. I decided to create a course that helps people deschool effectively because I remember so very well what it was for me as a brand, spanking new unschooling mum. I remember feeling so  unsure about everything yet excited by a whole new way of thinking about learning. In those early years I didn’t have a good supportive network of unschoolers around me but I knew that’s exactly what I needed so I went about creating one for myself. I started a local unschooling group and connected with a bunch of wonderful and experienced unschoolers online. Bit by bit I began to really embrace unschooling and I slowly but ever so surely  left my schoolish kind of view of looking at learning behind and took on an unschooling mind set. It’s a mind shift that anyone who is considering unschooling needs to go through and it can be a tricky process for some. Unschooling is so very different to the mainstream education system we have in place in the majority of western societies and so it takes a lot of going against the grain to really be able to grab a hold of it and make it work. But oh my goodness, when you do, the rewards are so wonderful.

I know there are others out there who are contemplating unschooling as an option for their child’s learning years but who feel hesitant and nervous about it. I so get it. It’s a new thing and it’s so not accepted in this society to go against the norm and choose a road less travelled. But I also know that with a bit of support and encouragement those fears and doubts can quickly disappear and be replaced by a real passion and motivation to help our children fully embrace an unschooling life and become in control of their own learning.

Deschooling is the very first step to successful unschooling and it’s one of those things that a lot of people don’t do enough of in the early years of unschooling. Viewing education in a different light and making the mind shift from a schooly way of seeing learning is a big process, particularly if we have been brought up thinking that school is the only way for learning to take place. Deschooling helps put all of that in perspective and gets people really thinking about their own preconceived ideas about learning.

So that’s a little teensy bit about what the course will be focusing on. If you’d like to know more  just click on the picture below.

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Hoping you’re having a lovely Friday!

Kim x