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Gluttonous Adventures in Jindabyne at Birchwood.

We’ve had some lovely Gluttonous Adventures in Jindabyne and one lovely feasting place is the gorgeous, Birchwood.

Birchwood is a quirky yet slightly glammed up café in Jindabyne. It’s owned and run by two old school friends, Tess and Zac who also happen to have grown up in our lovely  neck of the woods, the Far South Coast of NSW. Their love of travel and food combined with the snow caused them  to ponder and discuss  ideas of starting up their own café.  Enter Birchwood.

After lots of hard work, mostly done by themselves, Tess and Zac stripped and built their new-to-be-café and made it into something that would reflect their passion for wholesome food, adventure and life in the beautiful Snowy Mountains. Birchwood opened on the June long weekend in 2016 and has been a thriving little hang out for local hipsters as well as the trickle of constant tourists who like to visit Jindabyne throughout the year.

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Birchwood has a lovely feel to it. It’s airy and light and tastefully designed with a perfect balance of modern and quirky. With a concrete look wall, recycled timber floorboards, plywood shelving, tables and chairs and lots of white everywhere, Birchwood hints of a Scandi style . My eyes raced about the place as I hungrily (pun intended!) absorbed the little vintage treasures scattered around the café space. The modern edge that the bones of this café are designed around is cosied up by old Allowrie butter crates, and brown bottles stacked in an old draw for customer’s table water. Some retro cameras make a little appearance on shelves, hinting to Tess’ love of photography. Naked Edison light bulbs and metal pendant lighting add a sense of warmth and glow to the whiteness. For me, the aesthetics of a place are so important. Good food in a café is obviously a high priority but eye candy is almost as vital for me when I’m looking for that perfect gluttonous adventure.

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And that leads me to the food.

It is obvious that Tess and Zac love good food. Each meal is not only hearty but has so much thought put into it. It’s pretty. Each meal is full of flavours and colour and I struggled to take that first bite for fear of messing up the gorgeousness that was on the plate. I love their mix of ingredients and the wholesomeness that oozes from every dish. They have taken a lot of time preparing a menu that caters for everyone. So often vegans and the gluten and dairy free eaters are left with minimum options when they eat out but that’s certainly not the case at Birchwood. Everyone is carefully considered and flavour is a huge focus, no matter what ingredients are used.




Birchwood’s coffee is yummy and that’s a big thing to say for a hardened tea drinker. The coffee they use is semi-locally sourced from Canberra roasters,  Lonsdale Street Roasters. Smith & Evans is their house blend  which is described on the Birchwood website as rich, chocolatey and delicious.


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A large paper roll of brown paper features on one of the white walls. It reveals the menu and it  changes as the day goes on.



I ordered one of Birchwood’s juices.  Watermelon, pineapple, orange and passion fruit all combined to give a delicious fresh, sweet, tangy and so prettily decorated drink. I loved the kebab of pineapple and orange pieces sitting on top.

My main meal was the Nourish Bowl.  Oh my goodness! What a gorgeous blend of flavours and textures in one bowl. Beautiful spicy, earthy roast pumpkin and sweet potato, cumin and crunchy toasted seeds, haloumi, buck wheat, chickpeas and a wedge of avocado with some greens and a poached egg on top. Over all of this delicious wholesomeness was a creamy, garlicky tahini dressing.  This meal is definitely nourishment combined with  mourishness.  Mmmmm….



I also needed to try the waffles.  You should have seen this dish!

It  sat in front of me so pretty and colourful but the thing that really stood out was the smell. Divine. Hints of passion fruit and vanilla beckoned me to take my first bite and what a sensation it was. The waffles were topped with fresh blueberries, passion fruit and a pretty mix of nasturtium flowers, rose petals and Vietnamese mint. On top of this pretty concoction was the most delicious white chocolate, vanilla  cream. It was sweet and mousey and went perfectly with the tanginess of the fresh passion fruit. Sprinkled all over was a crumble. It added a crunchy sweetness to the entire dish and it was hard for me to stop and not lick the plate. Like, really hard.

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Birchwood most definitely was a special Gluttonous Adventure for me and I look forward to visiting another time really soon.

If ever you find yourself in the gorgeous Jindabyne village, you really should treat yourself to  Birchwood. You will love it. You can check them out here on instagram and Facebook .


Kim x