This is Davies Hut in the Snowy Mountains. It’s one of many little old timber huts out in the Kosciuszko National Park.

So, while were camping in the snow this winter we visited Davies Hut and I, of course, needed to share it with you. It’s such a lovely little spot in  the middle of the mountains and the walk Pete and I went on to get there was half the fun. Freezing winds, sloshy snow, creeks to cross and almost fall in (that was a little bit funny), snow clouds to hurry away from. It all made for a lovely winter adventure.

snow camping IMG_1622IMG_1623IMG_1625


Didn’t they just get the proportions of buildings right back then? The rooflines and the chimneys and the verandahs were all so well placed even little quirky huts like this one. I’m not sure how comfortable these huts would be in the freezing depths of Snowy Mountains winters – no insulation wouldn’t have been ideal for the snowy cold conditions back in the day but boy, they had an eye for beauty. 


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Isn’t it a lovely little place? I had to show it you.

Kim x