how I display flowers in my home freebie

Would you like a copy of my How I Display Flowers in my Home freebie? I’d love to share it with you. I made it especially for you:)

Are you a flower lover? I am.

I’ve loved flowers ever since I can remember. Some of my fondest childhood memories have stuff to do with the  flowers. Especially flowers that were in our garden. I remember the early mornings before school,  racing to the bathroom, which happened to be outdoors, battling my way through tendrils of sweet smelling jasmine. I remember the orange tree smothered in delicious white blossoms. I remember the white rose out the back that my mum loved so much. I remember the mauve coloured wisteria dangling from it’s old trellis. I remember stock and alyssum in flower beds at the front our house. I remember the fruit trees bursting with pretty pink and white blossoms in the orchard. I remember the poppies mum grew in the winter time and how impatient I was waiting for the plump green buds to burst open into their colours. Mostly I couldn’t wait so I would wander around the garden bursting the buds myself, prising them gently open with my fingers to see the fresh new poppy flower unfurl before my eyes. I always wanted them to be pink.

In my own garden I have lots of flowers. I love to surround myself with them, especially roses. A favourite thing of mine is to pour a cup of tea, grab my secateurs and pick flowers for my home. I can not have a day go by without having flowers of some description displayed around the house. Winter time is the most tricky but I tend to be able to find something, even if it’s only a sprig or two of flowering rosemary or a tiny posy of deep velvety purple violets. They make me feel so good.

Because I love flowers so much I thought I’d create a little 5 page guide about how I display flowers in my home so that you can have a sticky beak and perhaps get a little bit of inspiration for your own lovely homes. Flowers just add so much cosiness and warmth and I really feel that they are an essential part of decorating in my little tin  house.

So, here it is, 5 Ways I Display Flowers in my Home especially for you. Click here or on the photo below to get your free copy.

I really hope you enjoy it:)


flowers freebie

Happy flower displaying!

Kim x