cough remedy tea with thyme and ginger oil

This July I was struck down with  a really yucky cold but thanks to my lovely friend and my trusty old cake tin full of doterra oils, I found some much needed comfort in this cough remedy tea with thyme and ginger oil.

For two full weeks I sniffling and snorted and spluttered and battled my pelvic floor. Nothing seemed to lift the cough and every morning I woke with that I’ve-been-hit-by-a- feeling. It was the coughing that was the main issue and all of the remedies and concoctions that have worked for me in the past just didn’t seem to be able to knock it on the head. The only way I could sleep was with my doterra diffuser going with frankincense, breathe, oregano, thyme and eucalyptus. As soon as that switched off, I’d be barking my head off once again. I felt so sorry for my family, having to listen to me in the middle of the night.

cough remedy tea with thyme and ginger oil


In the midst of this horrid cold we visited and shared our germs with some lovely friends of ours. After dosing everyone up with Onguard and putting a diffuser of Onguard on in the living room, my gorgeous friend brewed us some cough remedy tea that she made up herself. Instantly my coughing was subdued. Relief. Ahhhh. So over the next week I made up my own version of this tea and sipped on it twice a day. After a few days my coughing and congestion symptoms started to finally fade and I began to feel like I was definitely getting back to normal once again.

I thought I’d share my recipe here with you too just incase you find yourself in the midst of a horrible coughing fit.

cough remedy tea with thyme and ginger oil


So, you take a teapot for two and you add 1 heaped tablespoon each of Linden Tea and Licorice Tea. I bought both of these loose leafed teas at my local wholefoods store but I’m sure good Health Food stores stock them too. Then you pour boiling water into the tea leaves and add 1 drop of thyme oil and 1 drop of ginger to the teapot. I use my doterra oils as they are  pure ( no added nasties in them). Let the tea rest for about 5 minutes and then sip away at it until your heart’s content.

I tried to have a least two good sized mugs of this tea a day but if I used my gorgeous little Johnson Bros yellow one, I would have at least four. It’s not only a soothing, cough suppressant but it also tastes delicious. The licorice tea adds a nice sweetness but if you like you could also add a teaspoon of good quality honey to your cup. Honey is also helpful for coughs.


cough remedy tea with thyme and ginger oil

I hope this is a help to you in your time of coughing need.

Have you got a favourite remedy to help coughing? I’d love to hear about it.

Oh, and if you’d like to get a hold of your own thyme and ginger oils, or any other oils for that matter, you can pop on over here and I’ll show you how to get a hold of them. They are my go to in times of health need, that is for sure.

Kim x


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