Yep, my book has been published! Yesterday I became a self published eBook author on Amazon. And, my book made it to number one best seller in my category too, all in the one day. It’s a little bit exciting.

I feel a little bit awkward writing this, though. It feels like I’m gloating. Eek.

Anyway,  this book is pretty teensy. You could read it in about an hour or so. It’s in kindle on Amazon but you don’t need a kindle to download it, all you need is the free kindle app for your device which is pretty easy to grab. This book is kind of a prequel to the next book I’m working on. It is the story of my decision to unschool Lew and in it I share snippets of my life that lead to me to the wonderful discovery of unschooling. There’s a little bit about my childhood in there, there’s a chapter about the loss of my mum, there’s some bits and pieces about my uni learning and life as a teacher, there’s a chapter on motherhood and then, of course, there’s the decision to unschool. I really enjoyed writing this story down. I’ve done it for Lew so that he knows why I chose such an unconventional learning path for him to travel and I have also written it for people who are thinking of unschooling for their own children.

And that gorgeous typewriter on the front cover was created by my Lew. I really, really LOVE it!

If you’d like to have a sticky beak, here’s the link to to my freshly published eBook: Journey to Unschooling.

Hoping you’re having a lovely week.

Kim x