blogging versus reality


Blogging versus reality …hmmmmm. I’ve ummed and ahhhed about whether I should share with you what it is I’m about to say  because the tone of this post isn’t as pretty and cosy as most of my others. It’s a bit serious and I’m feeling a little emotional as I’m typing.  But I’ve decided to go ahead and share  in the hope that it might give people reading my blog a bit more insight into the life of bloggers and actually, everyone who shares any part of their life on social media.

So here goes.

It’s been brought to my attention, more than once, by people who are supposedly close to me and who actually should know me well, that it would be good for me to learn to live in the real world.  They base this on my blog posts and the smile that they see when they are with me but they obviously don’t  delve into the whole picture that makes up my entire life. They also love to be critical and to judge. They feel the need to share with me that life is not all about garage sales and pretty houses and little chooks and neat gardens  and happy unschooling days and that I need to get with the rest of the struggling world where people’s lives aren’t at all like mine.

Like mine?

Well, like the tiny parts of my life that I share on my blog.

And that’s the thing. The stuff I share here is a tiny snippet of my life. Little excerpts of days, sometimes just a fleeting moment. I share with you the things that make me feel happy. But it could well be a happy flower amongst a bed full of overgrown kikuyu. A vignette of garage sale treasures beside a pile of unfolded washing. A chicken busily going about her day in her pen because the lawn is too long to photograph. Of course the weeds and the washing and the overgrown lawn aren’t in the shot. I plan it to be that way. I want you to have a visually happy moment too.

But my whole life is not lived this way. My whole life is not portrayed in my blog or on my instagram feed. It’s a snippet. I usually leave out the days that I’ve been struggling with life.  I leave out the days when I feel overwhelmed. I leave out the days when  I can’t balance everything out. I leave out the days when I feel like I can’t give enough to anyone. I leave out so many bits and pieces of my life.

blogging versus reality

This blog is not where I share those things. This blog is my happy place. It’s my grateful place. It’s my ‘sit down have a cup of tea and chill out a little’ place. And I think that that is perfectly OK.

I’m not against people who share the not so happy parts of their lives online. They need to do what they need to do. Their blog is theirs and they have every right to share but I’m just not that kind of person. I don’t put every little detail of my life on facebook to get comments from others. I don’t need to share the lows of my life with the online world all of the time. I deal with those parts in other ways, usually through prayer and reading God’s Word.

And I guess, I just have to trust that those people who read my blog know that they are not getting every angle of my existence here in this space and that my life is not always a bed of weed free, manicured roses. It is sometimes full of blackberries and over grown kikuyu. Just like theirs. Just like yours.

And I’m OK with that.

Blogging versus reality. Hmmmm.

Blogging is a snippet of reality for some bloggers. Instagram feeds are a snippet of reality for instagrammers. Facebook posts are teeny, tiny parts of the whole person posting.

That’s more like the reality.
Kim x