tea & toast: homelea lass


Tea & Toast: Homelea Lass

Hello there. Today is that really fun time of the month where we get to have some tea and toast and hang out with a blogger or instagrammer that I love to regularly visit. We’ve had some lovely guests this year already: the gorgeous Michelle from Hugo & Elsa and the equally as gorgeous Bron from Maxabella Loves. Today’s lovely Tea & Toaster is Lynda from Homelea Lass. And guess what? She’s gorgeous too!

I’ve followed Lynda’s blog for the past 4 years now and have loved her warm, cosy, comforting photos of knitted blankies and scarves and her lovely caring way with words. By the end of today’s post you’ll totally get what I’m talking about.

OK, over to you, Lynda!

tea & toast: homelea lass

Can you tell us a little bit about your blog.

I blog at Homelea Lass (homelealass.com) and I suppose it’s really a journal about me. It’s a combination of my life journey and my Homelea Lass creations and happenings.

What inspired you to start a blog?

Back in 2012 I was knocked down by debilitating fatigue – overnight I went from being a productive and motivated Civil Engineer to hardly being able to leave the house. My illness meant there were a lot of things I couldn’t do because I just didn’t have the energy, so I focused on the things I could do – crochet and blogging. If I’d never got sick I probably wouldn’t be blogging.


tea & toast: homelea lass


What are 3 things about blogging that you love?

– That it connects people that wouldn’t otherwise connect – it doesn’t matter where you live, how old you are, or what you do.

– It’s a great creative outlet – some days I just sit down and see what words flow.

– Anyone can do it!


tea & toast: homelea lass


How do you balance blogging and home and work?

This might sound strange, but blogging has become such an important part of my healing journey and life that I don’t view it as something I need to balance with my other commitments. It’s just something I do. I think this stems from my view point that everything I write will help at least one person, and sometimes, that person is me.

Where did your love of crocheting and yarn come from?

How soothing and calming it is, it makes me feel happy. Even in the very depths of my illness I could escape to my happy place when I crocheted. It doesn’t matter what pain (both physical and emotional) I’m feeling, it always makes me feel good. It’s also so satisfying to be able to create something and see it evolve.


tea & toast: homelea lass


Can you tell us a little bit about where you live and some of your favourite things about living there?

Where I live is an interesting question – I have 3 homes! Two are in Southern Queensland on our cattle properties and one is in Glen Innes, NSW where we are living for my husband’s work. They are all so different and I love each one for different reasons. I love the beauty and climate of Glen Innes – it gets really cold here in winter and the changing seasons are beautiful. I love our cattle properties because it’s so easy to connect with nature and they’re so peaceful.


tea & toast: homelea lass


Could you share a favourite blog post of yours with us.

I love this blog post  The Benefits of Making Space. It was such a transformation experience for me and I felt I was able to convey that through my writing.


tea & toast: homelea lass


What is your comfort food of choice?

I would say Green Tea and Dark Chocolate. Yum.

What 3 items in your home could you not live without?

My favorite blanket, my iPad and my essential oils and diffuser – I’m not past taking these with me when I travel!

tea & toast: homelea lass


Could you share some of your favourite blogs?

At present I’m loving Marie Forleo (Marie TV), Denise Duffield-Thomas (Lucky Bitch) and Melissa Sandon. These women have so much wisdom to share!


tea & toast: homelea lass


Thanks so much, Lynda for sharing a bit of your life and your blog with us. It’s been fun having you here. I feel all cosy being at Homelea Lass and I know you all will too. You can check out Lynda’s lovely blog here and follow Lynda over on instagram and facebook.

Kim x