pretty things really do make me feel happy but

Pretty things really do make me feel happy but… is that just being superficial?

So when I talk about pretty things, aesthetically pretty things, appealing to the eye pretty things, I’m talking about them in a not so deep down way. But those things, the things that are just like straw,  have also been given to enjoy and appreciate and treasure. Not to covet and put above important things like family and friends and God but to appreciate nonetheless.

I happen to be a really aesthetic person. I am stimulated visually by the beauty around me. When the grass was dry and barren I felt unease. When the rains came and the hills were vibrant and lush and green once more I felt soothed and peaceful. Calmed.

I like to surround myself with pretty things because they make me feel good. Happy. Not in the deep down spiritual sense but more on the surface kind of happy. And I like to feel happy most of the time. I like to be able to smile everyday. Even when I’m a little low or sad or sick or tired  I seem to be able to find happiness, even if it is just bubbling on the surface for a bit. I enjoy feeling happy. Even in the thick of heartache.

Because life can be so hard sometimes. The trials can be big for so many. There’s so much negativity and there’s so much sadness and depression and anxiety in this life. Sometimes. But wow, there’s also so much to be thankful for. So much to appreciate. So much to be happy about. And these little teeny tiny straw-like pretty things of mine, are some of the teeny tiny things that  can make me smile. And I think that’s a good thing. For me, at least.



And as weird as I know Pete finds it that I can take 20 photos of the same tea cup, it’s these kinds of things that bring me joy.

pretty things really do make me feel happy but WP_20170223_14_02_18_Richpretty things really do make me feel happy but pretty things really do make me feel happy but pretty things really do make me feel happy but


So when you hear me ramble on about pretty things, I want you to know that I know that they are just things. Straw-like things. But they can make me smile and feel happy and I think that’s cool.

I hope you have a happy day and find lots of things to smile about today and every single other day.

Kim x