the first month of autumn


The first month of autumn has arrived. Yah! This is my favourite time of the year. I love the cooler weather, when the sting of the summer sun has gone and the days start to shorten. Everything feels softer. The sky. The air. The light.


the first month of autumn


I feel lighter.



I can feel myself curling out of my Summer cocoon and slowly stretching into this new, lovely season. Some get the Winter blues. I get the Summer ones.



the first month of autumn


The guy on the radio the other day had this forlorn sound in his voice as he bid farewell to Summer, sprouting out that Spring and Summer could not possibly be beaten as the best seasons of the year. He even had the audacity to ask: is there anyone out there who’s favourite season is Autumn. He shared his doubts. I felt a need to support Autumn and shout out it’s glory and splendor.

What is there not to love.

Autumn, my love, welcome.

How about you? What’s your favourite season? Are you with the radio guy or are you with me?

Happy Autumn!

Kim x

PS These are flowers from last March. This Summer was too hot and dry to produce the same abundance of flowers in my garden as last year. Over the weekend we’ve had so much rain to make up for it, though. Precious, gorgeous Autumn rain.’’