tea and toast with maxabella loves

On the blog today we are having Tea & Toast with Maxabella Loves. Yah! Maxabella Loves is a blog I have followed since the early days of blogging. Bron, the lovely owner  is one of those warm and caring people. She’s an authentic blogger – real, honest, reachable. That’s the thing I love most about Maxabella Loves and, to be honest, it’s the thing that really keeps me coming back to a blog time and time again. I want connection and community. I want to feel like I’m sitting on my lounge, with my feet up, sipping tea, eating toast {or perhaps drinking wine and scoffing cheese), all cosy and happy, chatting with the person opposite me. That’s the kind of experience I’m looking for when I visit and follow blogs. I need to be able to see the person behind the blog posts as someone I would be friends with in real life.

Bron is definitely that sort of blogger. And I really hope that one day we might just be able to have tea and toast together, in real life. That would be cool. But for now, Bron is here on the blog with me, sharing a little bit of her blogging story and I feel pretty darn honoured to have her here. So no more blabbering from me, it’s over to the lovely Bron from Maxabella Loves.

tea and toast with maxabella loves


Can you tell us a little bit about your blog?

Maxabella Loves is the place online where I am most myself. I like to write about the things that are affecting my parenting and myself at any given time. I love the conversations that keep my posts going.

What inspired you to start a blog?

My sister – writer Allison Tait. I thought the whole thing was a bit bizarre (eight years ago, blogging was a rather bizarre thing to do), but she knew I would love it. (and I love Allison’s writing too! from Kim the butterinerer)

How long have you been blogging?

Almost eight years. Wow.

tea and toast with maxabella loves

What are 3 things about blogging that you love?

  1. The conversations I have had with people from all over the world, reminding me that we are all same, same but different.
  2. The privilege of having a quiet space to reflect and gather my thoughts.
  3. The constant learning curve – from photography to graphic design to coding, I have so many new skills as a result of my blog.

How do you balance working from home and family life?

I don’t believe in ‘balance’ – it has just never worked out like that for me. The fact is, family is always going to get the most of me, so there will never be ‘balance’. I used to flog myself senseless trying to ‘do it all’, but these days I just accept that family takes priority and I need to fit work in around that. Lots of late nights for me, but provided I’ve given the best of me to my family on any given day, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

tea and toast with maxabella loves

I absolutely love your kids party posts, Bron. You’re such a clever gal. What are some of your favourite party themes that you’ve put together and could we get a sticky beak at them, please?

Our parties have been my creative outlet for years. Before I had kids, I used to do a lot of art and craft, getting lost in the act of creating and needing nothing more, but once the kids arrived… well, I guess I haven’t yet given myself permission to just create for creativity’s sake, as I used to do. I feel like I always need to use my spare time ‘productively’ these days. See ‘work life balance’ above.

So, enter the parties. They are a practical way for me to be impractical, I guess. Every new party we do is my current favourite, but I do judge a party on the fun-factor, not by appearance. The games are everything, but they are also the hardest part to get across in a blog post!

tea and toast with maxabella lovestea and toast with maxabella loves

Favourites to check out have been:

Arabella’s Island Party

Max’s Farm Party

Lottie’s Glow Party

Arabella’s Alice in Wonderland Party

Lottie’s Fashion Party

Max’s Minecraft Party

The most popular party post on my blog is the one I put the least amount of effort into and am subsequently the least proud of: Max’s Pokemon Party. Isn’t that always the way!

Can you tell us a little bit about where you live and some of your favourite things about living there?

We live in the bush in Sydney, about 20 minutes from the Harbour Bridge. I grew up in a country town and I feel very much like our suburb has a similar vibe (just with loads more traffic!) I love that we can be in the city in moments, but we are surrounded by nature with an outlook across the trees. When we moved here from the inner city nine years ago, I thought I would hate it forever, but it turned out I only hated it for a couple of months and then I loved it and still do. Home really is wherever you decide to lay your hat.

tea and toast with maxabella loves


Could you share a favourite blog post with us?

The post that I am most proud of is this one. Lately, the post I felt the best about writing was this one.


tea and toast with maxabella loves


What is your comfort food of choice?

Baked potatoes with butter and lots of salt and pepper.

tea and toast with maxabella loves


What 3 items in your home could you not live without?

There’s nothing I couldn’t walk away from. I’m not very attached to things.


Could you share some of your favourite blogs and bloggers?

I like so many and hate playing favourites, but some that I keep coming back to are Oh Happy Day, Raised Good, Lulutastic and Lunch Lady. Personal blogs by Aussie bloggers that I like a lot but you may not have come across are Erin Made This, Ashllie Garraty and Apples Under My Bed.


tea and toast with maxabella loves


Thanks so much, Bron for sharing a little bit of your blogging story with us. I love Maxabella Loves – you are awesome!

Oh and before I go, if you missed January’s  Tea & Toast bloggy visitor, Michelle Crawford from Hugo & Elsa, then click here to check it out.


Kim x

PS How pretty are those wreaths that Bron and the kids made?