end of summer rain


What a lovely way to end this long, hot and extremely dry summer with some beautiful end of summer rain. Such a blessing. Instead of looking out to brown, dead, crunchy grass, well really it was pretty much dirt in some parts of our paddocks, we are now drinking in the beauty of lush green, grassy hills once more. Ahhh, I feel like I can breathe again.


end of summer rain

Notice those rows of stick like, leafless things beyond the fence? They are the grape vines which our goats do not stop pruning. They should be full of leaf and fruit right now but that’s really not how the goats like them to be for very long.

end of summer rain

The animals are continually heads down, bums up munching away to their heart’s content. It’s so lovely to see. The lawns desperately need mowing again and the trees have perked up and look not as close to death as they did a couple of weeks ago. I can see worms in the soil again and the verandah feels a lot less dusty. The zucchinis and cucumbers, although it seemed they didn’t skip a beat in the dry, have gone absolutely berserk. Cucumber pickles are on my to do list for next week. Loads. Of. Over. Sized. Cucumbers. Even the asparagus have had a new lease on life, the spring green shoots pushing their way up through the earth.

Oh, and the air is cooler. Even on the sunny, warm days there lacks that summer bite in the sun. Autumn is nigh and I’m starting to feel that kid in a lolly shop kind of excitement I get around this time of year. I’m allowing my mind to think about cooler weather jobs in the garden, planting more trees and pruning. Cool weather and rain give me hope that my summer procrastinations might actually become realities.

I’m so ready for autumn.

How about you? Are you a cooler weather person or do you prefer the summer?

Kim x