The BrodDogs story is one that Pete and I gathered on one of our little Gluttonous Adventures while we were in Canberra last year.   We had never been to The Hamlet in Braddon before. Have you? What a funky little spot that is! It’s a set up of food vans and stalls in a section of Braddon called The Hamlet. The Hamlet was once  an old car wrecking yard. These days it is a funky, hipster foodie hang out where you will find hoards of munching, drinking, happy looking, gluttonous types roaming around.




One of the food vans in The Hamlet is BrodDogs. The bright red, retro caravan drew my eye as soon as we wandered through The Hamlet entrance. It had a Happy Days feel and, of course, the whole retro caravan thing really got me excited. The day happened to be freezing cold, like, rugged up in woollens, Canberra style cold and we’d been out all morning on a football oval watching Pete’s son, Josh, play footy. BrodDogs was the perfect pick me up for our chilled to the bones bodies and hungry tummies.




The food at BrodDogs is fun, simple  and scrumptious and there was a lot of oohing and aahing coming out of our stuffed-with-food mouths as we scoffed down BrodDogs and Brod burgers and chips smothered in oozy, melty cheese. It was ultimate comfort food and just what each of us needed after our morning of football watching in Canberra sleet.


As always, on these gluttonous adventures of ours, we like to find out more about the food that we are eating. There’s always a story and BrodDogs is no exception. Today BrodDogs owner, Joelle, is sharing her BrodDogs story with us. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Over to you, Joelle.


1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself.

My husband Sascha and I started BrodBurger out of a red caravan down by Lake Burley Griffin in 2009. We then moved the business to a permanent location. The red caravan captured the hearts of many Canberrans so it was always in the back of our minds to bring it back with a new business venture and that’s how BrodDogs started in 2014.



2. Could you share a little of your food story with us?

Sascha Brodbeck, my husband, grew up in the food industry. His dad is a chef and it was a natural progression for him to follow in his dad’s footsteps.

His mum would tell me stories about her 10 year old son creating amazing dishes for her at home. 

He worked in restaurants from the age of 16.

We both love comfort food. We love creating something delicious that brings you that warm fuzzy feeling when you take a bite. We always use high quality ingredients. Our hotdog buns are baked daily and our hotdogs are made by a German butcher that uses natural casing and no preservatives.




3. What do you love most about running BrodDogs?

We love what we do. We cook with love and care about every aspect of our business from our lovely customers to our staff. It’s more than just creating food it’s about creating an atmosphere and a family. We love the casual atmosphere , meeting people and watching them devour our food.



4. What is your favourite food on the menu?

Our favourites are the BrodDog, the new burgers we serve from there and the cheese chips.



5. Any plans for the future?

We are in the process of opening up BrodDogs in Sydney with my sister and her husband who live there. We are waiting for council approval at the moment.




Thanks so much, Joelle. We had a lovely time at BrodDogs and we look forward to stopping in again really soon. Mmmmmm….

Oh and you can check out BrodDogs here at their website and here at their instagram account.


Kim & Pete xx