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Yep, Gluttonous Adventures is merging with Feather & Nest.

Some of you may know that Pete and I have another little venture that we began last year called Gluttonous Adventures. It’s a blog about adventuring around the place in search of local food, people, places and the stories that go with all that. It’s about connecting people to food and places by telling and sharing their stories and it has been bringing us a lot of joy as we’ve travelled around our own little neck of the woods and a bit beyond in search of paddock to table stories.

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Originally we set Gluttonous Adventures up with a blog of it’s own as well as a facebook page and instagram account because we thought that we should keep it all separate from this blog and let it have it’s only little place in cyber space. But truth be told, at the moment at least,  it has been a struggle to keep two totally separate blogs and instagram and facebook accounts in existence. It feels a little bit deflating realising that for whatever reasons, and I’m thinking my time limitations are the main culprit, we have had to take a step back and a few  deep breaths and make some decisions about how we plan to work Gluttonous Adventures for the future. But take some deep breaths we did and after some good conversations we are feeling good about what we’ve come up with. So for now we’ve decided to bring Gluttonous Adventures over here to Feather & Nest. It makes so much more sense. It fits in perfectly and it will add a nice little bit extra to Feather & Nest as well. Gluttonous Adventures will have it’s own little button and space here on Feather & Nest so that all of our lovely readers can also enjoy the little gluttonous adventurey feasts and stories that we gather on our travels.

Our desire for this year is to find the time to have as many  gluttonous adventures as possible! Ummm and lose some weight. The two don’t really go hand in hand, do they?

Oh well.


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This button is over there ……………………………………..>>>>>>>> It’s where you’ll find all of our Gluttonous Adventures.

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So, now that Gluttonous Adventures has a new little home we plan to be bringing you lots of food, people and place stories over the next year. We hope that you enjoy what’s to come.

Kim and Pete xx