This post is about the life of an unschooling teenager who is no longer vegan.

Yep, Lew’s no longer  vegan. He was vegan for about 10 months and then he decided to become vegetarian. I think it was getting a little bit boring, to be honest and he didn’t really feel as passionately against dairy as he did while he was vegan. And he really missed cheese. Then, just before Christmas, like only a few days before, he decided to eat meat again. He struggled with the decision because he really hates the idea of slaughtering animals and he’s not sure if he can continue living with his decision to go back to meat but for now he’s going with it.


I have to say that life, in this little kitchen, is a whole lot easier. As much as I embraced the vegan thing it was so, so restrictive, especially when the rest of the family are meat eaters. And to be honest,  I think Lew lost his passion for food. It was hard for me  to watch because I could see it altering his love of cooking. He still cooked while he was vegan but it was for necessity to eat not so much for the love of food and cooking. I felt sad about that, though I never mentioned it to him until right at the end when he made the decision to eat meat. And he agreed. He thinks that’s one of the reasons he wanted to go back to a full diet.

Anyway, for now I have a meat eating teenager to feed.

Kim x