tea and toast with hugo and elsa

photo courtesy of Hugo & Elsa

Today we are having Tea and Toast with Hugo & Elsa. This is the beginnings of a revamped series that I’m really excited about sharing with you. If you’ve been reading Feather & Nest for a while now then you’ll probably remember a series I ran a long time ago called Tea & Toast. It was a time when we’d sit together, with a cup of tea and a piece of something yummy like toast with lashings of butter and a thin scraping of vegemite and sticky beak into the world of pretty, and usually old, things. For most of those posts it was just a whole lot of eye candy photos which I didn’t credit very well {due to my lack of bloggy knowledge} and I am still deleting to this day. I changed Tea & Toast around a little bit and made it a bit about other people but it just didn’t seem to take momentum in the way that I’d hoped. That was purely due to my lack of organisation and so, Tea & Toast just dwindled into nothingness. Until today, that is.

So I’ve decided to bring back some Tea & Toast time to Feather & Nest but with a little bit of a difference. This time we will be sticky beaking into the lives of other bloggers and instagrammers. We will be looking at their blogs and their instagram photos and we’ll be hearing them share their stories. Over the past few years I feel like there’s been a bit of a shift in the blogging world. When I first started blogging there was this lovely, cosy camaraderie amongst the blogging community. Bloggers supported bloggers. We connected and shared and there was  a lot more generosity and giving going on. People made contact with one another, thanking one another for their stories and sharing snippets of their lives. I looked forward to my daily dose of the blogs that I loved and I’d pop the kettle on, pour myself some tea, grab something to nibble and immerse myself into the lovely lives of bloggers for some precious down time.

But lately there’s definitely been a shift. There’s a lot less time for hearing other people’s stories and more focus on doing our own thing. I know, for me, that  time restraints are at the core of that change but I feel also that  blogging has lost a little bit of that sense of community  that it once had. So, at least once a month or maybe more, I would like to dedicate this space to bloggers and instagrammers that I love. I want to share their stories and get a bit of an insight into who they are, what they love and where they live. I’ve got some lovely blogs to share with you, some who you may already read, others maybe not. I hope you enjoy hearing their stories as much as I have and that reading Tea & Toast might just cause you to delve into the lives of others and enjoy what they have to offer.

tea and toast with hugo and elsa

photo courtesy of Hugo and Elsa


So our first Tea & Toast story for 2017 is all about Hugo and Elsa.

Michelle Crawford is the owner of Hugo & Elsa, a gorgeous blog about her family life in Tasmania, an old farmhouse, a ray burn stove, lots of jam and toast and a bunch of wholesome, old style recipes. Not only is she a blogger but Michelle has also written a beautiful book called A Table In The Orchard. She has also co-written a recipe book with Matthew Evans. She’s up there, ‘tis Michelle. But that’s what I love so much about Hugo and Elsa and Michelle as a blogger. She’s up there but she’s humble and she’s warm and she’s kind and she’s into sharing and community. And Michelle has a delicious way with words. Mouth watering words. I’m not quite sure how she does it but whenever I read her blog I feel hungry, even when her post doesn’t happen to be about food. Her posts are beautiful and lovely and warm and I feel cosy and comforted when I sit and read about her world.

Ok, well now it’s time to pop the kettle on, pour yourself a nice fresh cup of tea, pile lashings of butter on top of freshly toasted sourdough bread and enjoy some time with the lovely Michelle from Hugo & Elsa.

tea and toast with hugo and elsa

photo courtesy of Hugo and Elsa


Can you tell us a little bit about your blog.

I started writing my blog back in 2007, when my children were tiny and I was a stay at home mum. At first the focus was on the days that were shared, but as they’ve grown older, the focus has shifted to more about food, Tasmania, gardening and things that inspire me.

What inspired you to start a blog?

I was was inspired by the many great bloggers out there like Meet Me at Mikes, Pottymouthmama, Soulemama.  Stuck at home in a country town, it was a great way to connect with people all over the world who had similar values to me. I just loved that positive online world we created and the sense of community. It was also great way for me to find my writing voice and hone my photography skills.

tea and toast with hugo and elsa

 photo courtesy of Hugo and Elsa

Where did your love of food and cooking come from?

I put it down to old fashioned greediness, I’m constantly hungry! I wake up thinking about what I’m going to have for dinner…..but as clichéd as it sounds, watching my grandmothers’ cook as a young child definitely sowed the the seeds for a love of growing, cooking and eating food.


tea and toast with hugo and elsa

Can you tell us a little bit about where you live and some of your favourite things about living there?

We live in a little old weather board farmhouse, on just under an acre of land in the Tasmanian countryside. Tiny. We’re in the Huon Valley, about 30 minutes south of Hobart, in what was once a thriving apple growing area. There are green fields, orchards, and boats that bob on the dark still waters of the mighty Huon River as it snakes it’s way through the valley.  I love the natural beauty of the place, the people and all the delicious things to eat!

tea and toast with hugo and elsa

photo courtesy of Hugo and Elsa

Could you share a favourite blog post with us.

This one about my word garden, partly  because I loved writing it so much, and partly because I was so blown away by comments, and how many people actually understood my crazy thoughts. {Note from Kim: That’s funny because if I had to choose, this would be my favourite post of Michelle’s too!}

What is your comfort food of choice?

Toast probably, thickly sliced with loads of butter.

If you watch this gorgeous little video called Toast & Jam , you will see some toast loving comfort going on in Michelle’s gorgeous kitchen. Don’t you just love the name of the video? 😉


tea and toast with hugo and elsa

photo courtesy of Hugo and Elsa

What are 3 things about blogging that you love?

The creative freedom: it’s your blog and you can write what and how you like. No editor is going to come along and say write that bit, or you shouldn’t say that.

The community: Some of my best friends I’ve  met through blogging, people I love dearly. And some I’ve never met at all. I love the connection, support, love and friendship you can make with likeminded people from all over the world.

The journaling:  having a diary of your thoughts and days with photos is so precious. Especially the little things, the thoughts and feelings that I wouldn’t remember otherwise if I didn’t have my blog to look back on.


tea and toast with hugo and elsa




Could you share some of your favourite blogs?

I have a lot of favourites, but these are my enduring favourite places to visit.

Emma Bradshaw’s blog, Bradshaw and Sons, because our sons are the same age and I adore reading about her nature inspired adventures in the Cotswolds.

Junkaholique:  Artemis Russell and her husband live on the Isle of Wight and have restored a vintage caravan and a kombi, have two adorable children and run a thriving handmade jewellery business called Rust.  I love her gentle words and style.

Meet Me At Mikes : I love Pip’s positive outlook on life, and her unwavering commitment to blogging. Meet Me At Mikes is the blog that’s always been there, is always updated and full of great things to read.

Foxs Lane, Kate writes so beautifully, so honestly and her photos are always a delight. Her posts often move and inspire me, and that’s what a good blog should do.


tea and toast with hugo and elsa

Thank you so much, Michelle for hanging out here today and sharing your beautiful Hugo & Elsa story with us. You are an inspiring, warm, creative, homey blogger who I just love having tea and toast with every time you share your story. xx

I hope you all enjoyed hearing form Michelle. It felt like such a treat to have her here and to look inside her gorgeous Tasmanian foodie world.

Kim x

All photos are Michelle’s and taken from her blog.