my ultimate comfort food

Right now this is my ultimate comfort food. It’s pretty humble and not the most beautifully styled little plateful but oh my goodness, it is so yummy! It has become my  go to food in times of trouble, excitement, sadness, apathy, tiredness, happiness….you get the picture that any time is a perfect time for this delicious thing?

Mainly I have this for lunch for sometimes I have it for breakfast and often times I want it for tea as well. It’s a ham, cheese, rocket and caramalised onion relish, sourdough toasted sandwich.

I’ve been a little unwell since before Christmas and so I’ve let go of any thoughtfulness about food and just gone to comfort foods. They are my solace. And I truly I think that this is a perfectly reasonable way of approaching life when you’re not feeling 100%. It gives purpose and meaning and something to really look forward to.

Ha! Who am I kidding. Probably not you guys, that’s for sure. Oh well, it’s really yummy and I can think about all the weight gain that’s been happening due to my lack of exercise, another day. Today is all about gooey, cheesy, oniony, crunchy, delicious toasted sandwiches.

my ultimate comfort food

It’s definitely not a food stylist’s dream. It’s rustic and imperfect and messy but I think I’m addicted to it and I’m stressing a little right now as I know that the relish jar is getting mighty low. Which reminds me, does anyone know of a yummy caramalised onion relish recipe? I’m busting to make my own and have a little never ending supply of it stashed away in hiding from the rest of my family.

So how about you? Have you got a comfort food that you’re spending far too much time thinking about lately? I’d love to know what it is.

Happy eating!

Kim xx

my ultimate comfort food