hello 2017, goodbye 2016

Hello 2017, goodbye 2016. Here we are in a fresh new year. Like a crisp, white, blank piece of paper, 2017 has arrived waiting to be scribbled on with the life that is before us. What will it bring? Are there adventures in store?  Changes in the air? Or will there be more of the same? Will it be a slower, simpler year? Whatever is just around the corner, it’s all before each one of us and I truly hope that it will be a lovely one ahead for my family and friends and you guys, our readers.


Well, Christmas came and went. It was a hurried affair for us and it seems that lots of people around me felt the same way. In so many ways I liked it more for that reason. Less time to panic and rush and over-stress about trivial stuff. It was a forced simplicity and I am certainly craving that in my life. I still managed to do some Christmas baking and decorating and that always makes things feel a little bit special and fun.

I made a few batches of florentines and some shortbread. I made Jamie Oliver’s shortbread this year, like I have in past years, and it was the best I’ve ever had. So buttery. I think I must have added a little more than the recipe said, which is often the case with me and butter. It definitely paid off. The pudding was yummy and it was so lovely to find the hidden little threepence treasures that my Nan kindly gave to me.

hello 2017, goodbye 2016hello 2017, goodbye 2016


We decided to have our big Christmassy meal as a family this year on Christmas Eve. It was hard to get everyone together on Christmas Day and it also added a Dutch tradition too of celebrating Christmas on it’s Eve. Pete made croquets which were always a favourite in his family at Christmas time. I’ll take any opportunity I can get to eat his croquets!

Everyone always brings some food along to share so that we end up with a massive feast. This year was no exception and the combinations of meats and salads and potatoes were so yummy, with very little discussion on who’s bringing what. It worked so well. Hmmm, possibly a little too well as both Pete and I were the fullest we’ve ever felt. So full that we couldn’t eat dessert until the next day. Over indulgence is an understatement!


hello 2017, goodbye 2016hello 2017, goodbye 2016hello 2017, goodbye 2016


Christmas Day was a simple, slow day for Lew, Pete and I. We opened presents from under the tree, had a yummy breakfast of croissants and fruit, nibbled on left overs and played games all day. It was hot outside so we sat under the air con and spent the day relaxing indoors.


hello 2017, goodbye 2016hello 2017, goodbye 2016hello 2017, goodbye 2016


We had another Christmas a few days later when Pete’s kids arrived which was lovely. We baked a ham and had potato bake and salad and pudding and cream and custard and florentines and unwrapped more presents and played cards and Deal or No Deal and enjoyed Christmas all over again.


hello 2017, goodbye 2016


And then it was New Year’s Eve and we tie dyed with friends outside at Pete’s and then spent the evening playing cards and Cluedo, sipping drinks and watching the fire works over the hill.

That was 2016, over and out.

So, hello 2017! Looking forward to know you a little better and see what you have in store for us all.

See you all soon.

Kim x

hello 2017, goodbye 2016

photo by Lew