old red tractor update

I  thought I’d pop in and fill you in with the old red tractor update. I’m sure you’ve been hanging on with bated breath since last time I mentioned old red tractors. You have, haven’t you? Well, wait no more!

So, just recapping, you remember the other day when I talked about Pete’s old red tractor and how it broke and that we were looking around for a replacement? If not, you can have a read here.  Well, he ended up buying the big old girl and selling his little old girl and now everyone is happy with their old red tractor.

A nice guy bought Pete’s little red International with plans for doing her up. He’s a bit of an old red tractor {well, old tractor, at least} fanatic and likes to tinker with them. He happened to have one exactly the same as Pete’s but in really bad condition so he was pretty excited to get a hold of Pete’s.


old red tractor update

Pete ended up buying the big old girl that we looked at recently. She  is now all settled and happy on his farm. He’s even managed to fit some slashing in.

I can’t tell you how excited he gets about slashing. Slashing would have to be up there on his favourite things to do list and it’s funny because when I was growing up we had a lovely old neighbour who had this absolute obsession for slashing. He would slash really short grass just because. He slashed when it was hot. He slashed when it was cold. He slashed when it was rainy. He slashed when it was blowing a gale. Whenever we bumped into him in the streets of Bega we would ask him what he’d been up to. We knew, but we just had to ask. Ah, just slashin’. It definitely was his obsession. I always thought it was a very strange and quite funny hobby of his. But now I realise that there are  others in this world who also love slashing just as much. Ha.

And I love that Pete loves his new, old red tractor and that now the paddocks can be slashed and that he will be able to amble about his property on his tractor and feel happy once more.

Kim x

old red tractor update