This is all about Mittagong, a little road trip and how Gluttonous Adventures begins.  I’ve mentioned it in our Gluttonous About page up there but I thought I’d share a bit more about it here too.

That little road trip was  a lot of fun and so much came out of it. Gluttonous Adventures to be precise. Here’s a bit more of the story….


caravan feb 2016 (7)


So, last summer we travelled up to the Southern Highlands of NSW to look at a cute,  little 1950’s caravan that was for sale. That little caravan helped get our story sharing juices flowing and the township of Mittagong and it’s gorgeous surrounds was the place to brainstorm and cement our desire to share stories that connect people with food and places.




This little Indian restaurant, Shiva, is were  we had dinner at while we were staying in Mittagong. The food was possibly the nicest Indian either of us had experienced and the service was so welcoming and warm. We were made to feel at home in that little shop and it’s no wonder all of our creative juices got flowing there.




We ranted about the food and the way it was served in cool little copper bowls heated by burners and the interesting dishes we had ordered. We started to get bits and pieces of the Shiva story from the lovely waitress who served us. She let us know about some of the recipes and that they were handed down recipes from the old owner’s Indian mother. Thinking of the mother who originally cooked these meals for her own children made us wonder about more stuff. It connected us with our food – these recipes weren’t just a bunch of ingredients thrown together from a recipe off a website. They were handed down recipes from cherished childhoods. They were recipes that were cooked with love and nurturing for the people who shared them. That connection with the food gave us more comfort and more nurturing.



We wanted to know more about the recipes this restaurant used. We wanted to know more about the past owner’s mother. The waitress intrigued us too as she explained to us the dishes that she has a hand in preparing. She had a heart for Shiva and it seemed to us that there was more to her purpose at this little restaurant than purely an income earning thing.




It became so obvious to us that our connection with food and places was entwined with the people we share these things with and we realised how excited we became whenever we talked together about food and places and travelling and recipes and memories. The pieces were being put together over each and every mouthful and by the end of the night Gluttonous Adventures became the completed puzzle.




The next morning we awoke with a new purpose in our bellies. As we meandered around the lovely township of Mittagong, popping into all of the usual haunts we hunt out whenever we road trip (vinnies, second hand shops, bakeries!) we settled on our plans for Gluttonous Adventures. We noticed the smiles on our faces and the twinkle in each others eyes as we looked at one another with that contented realisation that this was how we wanted to spend our time – sharing the stories that connect us with food, people and places.




And to top it all, we ate one of the yummiest bacon and cheese meat pies for our brunch.




Mmmm…. and there was even a shop called Pete’s Shed and Mrs!




So that was the story of Mittagong and a little road trip and how gluttonous adventures begins. Now, let the stories unfold.

We have some lovely stories to share over the next little while and we hope that as we go along on this little gluttonous adventure of ours, that there will be more and more to gather. We’d love to hear yours too so don’t be shy. Drop us a line, an email, a facebook or instagram message or here on this blog and tell us a bit about you and your food story. The more stories the better.

Let’s get connected around the table over a glass or two of something yummy. That’d be nice.

Kim & Pete xx