I’ve been thinking lately about how often I used to sit down, sip tea, eat cake and read blogs. It was once my early morning ritual.  It became a routine that I loved and looked forward to each day. I got to know some lovely bloggers and learnt a lot about the art of blogging through them.  Everyday I would visit someone’s blog, read, have a bit of a flick through and usually comment and interact in some way. Mostly they were my favourite bloggers at the time though I would often discover new blogs along the way which I would add to my rapidly growing list of blogs to read.


These days I’m not doing so much of that. I’m still sipping tea and eating plenty of cake but I hardly read blogs anymore, well not just for the fun of it, at least. My time seems so pressed, especially since we have begun our new venture that even the writing part of my own blog seems to be falling by the wayside. It’s sad because I felt a real sense of bloggy community in the days when I was a blog reader. There was a real sense of connection and support back then. Now it feels a little bit more competitive and a little bit more distant and I’m not loving that so much. Instagram seems to have taken over. I’m feeling the connection over there and the sense of a community of like minded people. I love it over there. I love the photo inspiration and the camaraderie. I really do. But, I’m a writer and reader at heart and I miss the connection between the written word and the writer. I miss it on my own blog too as I fail to meet the deadlines I have for myself.


I’m left wondering about the faddy part of online life. It seems to go  in fads, doesn’t it? Blogging was in, once. Will it stay? Will it evolve into something completely different? Is anyone reading blogs anymore? Is anyone reading mine?


This week I’d like to go back to the old days. Revisit some of my old favourites. Reconnect and see what’s going on in their world.  Sit down and sip tea, eat cake and read blogs.

So here’s a list to get me started. Maybe it will inspire you to read blogs too? This list includes only some of the blogs that have inspired me over the years and who have been real givers of knowledge and experience. There are lots and lots of them but these are the stand outs, for me. I’m sure you’ll  know most of them.  They are all so creative and warm and inspiring and I’ve had contact with each one of them in some way or another over the years. Despite the popularity and bloggy fame they each have attained they have not let it get to their heads.  They have managed to  stay real and normal and lovely. I plan to get back to theirs a little more often. I know it will do me the world of good.

Meet Me At Mikes

A Beach Cottage

Maxabella Loves

Fox’s Lane

Hugo and Elsa

Marley and Lockyer




Oh, and before I go I also wanted to share with you 3 blogs that are owned by real life friends of mine. They are all  local girls who have some dreams about pursuing bloggy stuff, a bit like me. A couple of us  are trying to catch up more often to sip tea, eat cake and talk about bloggy things. It’s nice to be able to get together in a physical way, like not over the internet, I mean. It’s nice to share the fun stuff and the not so fun stuff, the issues we are having and the goals that we’ve been setting. Here they are. Pop over and say hi to them if you like, I know they’d really appreciate it.

Sash and Jayd and @sashandjayd over on instagram.

Gift of Our Earth and @giftofourearth over on instagram.

Art & Etc and @book_ronnie over on instagram.

And real books. Oh, how neglected my real book reading life is at the moment. But that’s another post.

What about you? What are you reading right now? Are you a blog reader? Have you been a blog reader? Do you intend to be a blog reader? Questions, questions, questions.

Happy Monday to you.

Kim x