Bithry Inlet, Far Sout Coast NSW

Hello there!

We’ve been  a little bit preoccupied lately with stuff, life mainly.

Here’s a bit of a rambly run down …

Lew’s been practicing those online tests to go for his L’s {I remember the days when I couldn’t fathom having a child old enough to drive a car! }, drawing lots and working on a movie that he and two friends have been spending quite  bit of time on. He’s just finished a really cool shelfy kind of thing at woodwork. I can’t wait to paint it and put it on the wall near his desk. It’s a funky shape and has cute little quirky drawers. He’s also just finished the most gorgeous artwork in his weekly art class. As usual, he hates it, but oh wow, it’s just so beautiful. I’ll share it with you when he brings it home.




We’ve recently had floods wash out the Bega Valley. Water everywhere. We were only  flooded in for  a day and then had to  spend  some hours cleaning up the aftermath at Pete’s place. The floor of his shed gets covered in water when there’s a really big flood.

Pete got some new chookies for his place. Bantam langshans, all black – 4 hens and another show class rooster. He seems to get the showy types.


Bithry Inlet, Far South Coast, NSW


We had a pretty sad weekend last weekend. Our little cocker spaniel, Poppy, had to be put down. She was a mischievous, full of life little rascal for most of her almost 14 years but we loved her lots. It was so sad to have to make the decision. I am terrible at these things.


Bithry Inlet, Far South Coast NSW

Pete’s tenants moved out so we’ve had a bit of work to do up at his house to get it ready for the next tenants.

I finally started painting the inside of Mabel. Only an undercoat so far and only half done. I’m hoping to get back to it really soon.

The garden is needing attention and I never seem to get enough spare moments to get out into it. I’m doing little bits here and there but it really needs some heavy duty revamping and finishing.

Last weekend Pete had a sheep and steer killed so at the moment we are on the look out for another freezer to add to our collection. A sheep and a steer is quite a bit of meat! I’m dreaming of lamb shanks and sticky ribs and something ‘cheeky’. Yes, Pete kept the cheek meat so we’re looking out for a nice recipe to use that in.


Bithry Inlet, Far South Coast NSW


And, it’s now winter. How cool is that? Ha! The days are beautiful. The mornings are getting crispier. Frosty windscreens and paddocks. I need to get some more kindling. There’s something about picking up kindling sticks that’s really enjoyable to me. I’m not sure what it is.

The main reason for my absences here is because Pete and I have been working on a new venture that we will be launching very soon. It’s exciting and fun and is taking quite a bit of work to get going but we are hopeful that it will be a good thing. It’s been lovely working together, collaborating, toing and froing ideas. We work well as a team and it constantly surprises me that he’s able to cope with me and my ways. Thankfully he’s a patient, forgiving kind of guy. I think that’s the main reason it works. Anyway, I can’t really share much more than that at the moment but stay tuned, we’ll fill you in when we can.

Sorry for the rambling. I’m feeling a little chaotic in the head at the moment and just needed to blurt and run again back to more working on our new venture.

Oh, and all of these photos were taken on a walk at the beautiful Bithry Inlet on our gorgeous Far South Coast, at sunset. One of my favourite places.

Kim xx


Bithry Inlet, Far South Coast NSW