two minutes to spare poem


So, once again I was told to share,

and once again I  have only two minutes to spare.

With only two minutes my mind goes adrift

on what to say and through the topics I sift.


two minutes to spare poem


I’ve had a shower and contemplated what to share,

And all the time knowing I only  have two minutes to spare.

So, as I said, my mind did wonder

and think of things to express and ponder.

But as I thought,

like you do under pressure,

Id like to express what’s important and not just of leisure.


Here it is then, my two minute brief,

hold on to your hats and sit on your seats.

With two minutes to think

And two minutes to spare

I really don’t want  to go anywhere

But be here in this space and be here in the now,

Don’t blame or judge, share anger or growl.

Be real and believe in what love can achieve,

And know in your heart that the truth is to believe.


two minutes to spare poem


Because I know that this truth that I am willingly sharing

Is the same to us all with no misunderstanding.

So, with only two minutes if that is all that is left,



and fully express.

Let all around you know where you’re at. Don’t be afraid or hold anything back.

Tell them you love them and don’t hold onto pride.

Forgive and cherish all who have shared your ride.

Cause if there was only two minutes to spare,

then I pray

that my Lord you will be there at the end of my day.


two minutes to spare poem