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When we visited my grandparent’s earlier this year I had the lovely experience of cooking with my Nan. She let me  pull her place apart searching for her apple pie making  treasures. My poor Nan. I ran a bit of a mock in her kitchen and I know that I challenged her in a lot of ways, as I often do, with my questions and need for explanations as to why she does things the way she does and the stopping and starting of every procedure as I moved the sifter a little closer to the bowl of apples and the scales a little further away from the pie dish, trying ever so hard to get the perfect photo.




You get the picture, I’m sure.

My Nan likes to do things the way her mum did them, especially when it comes to cooking. I, with my enquiring nature, like to know why she does things the way she does. She doesn’t always have answers to my questions and I know this stresses her at times. So, anyway, I love her so much for just putting up with me and sucking up her slight {or maybe bigger than slight??} frustrations with my ever so slightly challenging nature.




It was so much fun. I’ve always loved cooking with Nan. Always. Ever since I was little. She, and my mum, have always been my inspirations for cooking. Nan has always been one of those people that cooks for others. Batches and batches of lamingtons for the local lamington drives. Apple pies for the Care Flight stalls. Chocolate cakes and bikkies and slices for fund raising days. Her and Grandpa have often catered for charities and events around their local area. Givers. That’s what they are. Especially when it comes to food.


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Today Nan’s kind enough to give us all her apple pie recipe. Aren’t we lucky?




Here you go.




Nan’s Apple Pie Recipe

{and her mum’s apple pie recipe and probably her mum’s mum’s apple pie recipe}

This recipe makes two smallish pies or one biggish one.



6 ounces {1 1/4 cups}  of self raising flour

4 ounces {1/2 cup} of butter

almost 3/4 of a cup of caster sugar {where did the ounces go, Nan?}

1 T cold water {and maybe a bit more depending on the consistency of the dough…more about that later}

a smidgen, as my Nan would say, of milk and sugar to brush and sprinkle onto pastry before it goes into the oven.


Apple Filling:

6 granny smith apples {peeled}

1 T water

2 T caster sugar


What You Do:

Pop flour,sugar and butter into a bowl. Rub in flour, sugar and butter until crumbly.

Add 1 tablespoon of cold water with a knife. {bone handled of course!}

Bring the dough to a good dough-like, kneadable consistency. If you need a little more water then add it but don’t add too much as you want the consistency to be just right for a nice pastry dough. Got that?

Roll the dough out and pop it into a greased pie tray.


Now for the apple.

Peel the apples. Nan slices them instead of dices. She likes to do that. So different to my chunky, rustic, non-peeled way of doing apples but this is Nan’s way and it’s the cool, old fashioned, yummy way, apparently. Pop the apples into a saucepan. Then add 1 tablespoon of water and about 2 tablespoons of sugar and cook on a lowish heat until the apples are nice and soft.

Let the apples cool before you put it into the pastry shell. Once cool, add the apple to the pie dish. Cover with another layer of the pastry.

Prick the top of the pastry with a fork and then brush with milk and sprinkle with some sugar.

Pop into a 180 degree oven and cook until the pastry is golden.

Then divide the warm pie up it into really large chunks and dollop thick cream or vanilla ice cream  all over it. Scoff it down. Mmmmm. Enjoy.


V__F63AWP_20160127_16_07_16_Pronans apple pie jan 2016


So that’s one yummy apple pie you can cook on the weekend. It would even be better using freshly plucked apples from the tree. In a few years I’m hoping mine will be producing enough so that I can make this pie with them. That’d be nice.

Anyway, let me know if you make it. I’ll share it with my Nan. She’d be so happy to hear that you used her recipe. And her mum’s recipe. And her mum’s mum;s recipe.

Kim x