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Yep, it’s Monday again. Time for a new theme on The Monday Reloved Treasure Nest. To check out our past Mondays theme you can go here.

Today’s theme is glass.

Old glass. Its so lovely isn’t it? Clear, coloured, that ambery brown. I love it all. I especially love old glass jars. The ones with worn labels are the loveliest. One of my favourite jars is this old coffee jar. It sits on my kitchen shelves and I look at it every single day. I’m sure the coffee tasted better coming out of that jar as well. Don’t you reckon? The green on that label is what really caught my eye at the garage sale where I found it. The label is perfectly worn and faded.

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This Sloan’s Liniment bottle I also nabbed from the same garage sale. I wonder who used that liniment? I wonder what was wrong with them? Maybe their muscles were sore from too much wood cutting or hand washing or butter churning?  I’ve got a funny feeling it wasn’t an injury they got from the local gym or while jogging on their treadmill in front of the telly.

I love it when the bottles have a tiny bit of the original liquid left in them. Somehow that bottle feels more precious than the empty ones. I’m not sure why. I’m thinking it has to do with the story of the bottle and it’s original purpose.


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I spotted this old agee jar at a friend’s garage sale a few years ago. I’ve got a thing for glass jars that have sticking out labelling within the glass itself. It sat empty for awhile as I waited for inspiration to hit and a perfect thing to fill it with to come along. Gradually I  filled it with browny toned chook feathers. That was well and truly before I owned my  own browny toned chooks. It sat as a reminder to me that one day we would have some buff pekins of our own. A few years and a house sale later and I was able to add a couple of our own chook feathers to the jar.


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So, now it’s your turn to share a photo or two of your reloved glass treasure. It could be a jar or a bottle, it could be a window or a  bead…anything at all that is reloved and glass. You can pop on over to instagram and share away using the hashtag: #themondayrelovedtreasurenest . Or if you don’t have an instagram account, why don’t you email me a photo at kim.featherandnest@gmail.com so I can have a sticky beak.

Kim x