It’s time again for The Monday Reloved Treasure Nest . You can have a look at that link back there to find out what you need to do to take part. I’d so love it if you would join in. It’s lots of fun.

This week’s theme is TEA.

Tea of my favourite things. I think that autumn is all about sipping tea. Don’t you? The weather is getting crisp. The air is fresh and slightly breezy. The sun has lost it’s sting. The jug gently hums. The tea gets poured. One spoonful of sugar and a splash of creamy, unhomoginised milk gets added. My heart sings.

But wait…there’s something missing….

Cake! You see autumn and tea can not be had without cake. In my opinion, that is. Freshly baked cake straight out of the oven. A thick slab popped onto a pretty reloved china plate. Dive in with a silver reloved cake fork.  A wet finger pursuing the plate  to pick up every.last.crumb. Repeat.

Mammy…what a way to spend an entire autumn. And really, I think winter is best spent that way too. Don’t you?




See those almond fingers on that rosey plate.

They are so yummy.

I can’t just have one.

My sister hates them.

It’s the almond essence that makes her heave.

Honestly, what is wrong with her?




Hmmm, the story of this reloved treasure? Well, the tea cup, saucer and plate is a favourite set of mine. A friend gave it to me. It’s a bit of a hand it on thing really because another friend gave it to my friend before she gave it to me. You get my drift? I was thinking Indian Giver but that’s not quite right. Anyway, I happen to own this lovely little set now and I find that it’s always the one I go to when I feel like drinking tea out of reloved treasure. I don’t always drink my tea from china. Mostly I drink Twining’s Assam Bold teabags jingled in a large modern ceramic mug. At the moment I’m into my yellow and white stripy ones but I change the mugs a lot so who knows what it’ll be next month.

The little double spouted milk jug I got from a garage sale. I have two of them and they are a lovely creamy colour. They are perfect for one cup of tea. The little green lidded dish is a newie that I’ve mentioned before on instagram {@featherandnest}.  i got it from a garage sale that one of the local antique dealers had recently. It cost me $5 so I was pretty wrapped with that little bargain. The guy said that it would’ve also had a little green baker lite spoon to match. How cute would that have been? So now I’m on the look out.

Everything in these photos, except, of course, for the almond finger, is a reloved treasure. Even the lemon chrysanthemum. It was a cutting from the same lovely friend who gave me the pretty china set. It’s one of my favourite flowering plants in the garden and it brings such heart warming thoughts to mind every time I look at it. Not only does it flower during my favourite season of the year but it also represents Mother’s Day. I can’t help think of my mum at this time of the year so that flower adds to those lovely thoughts.




OK, now it’s your turn.

Why don’t you pop on over to instagram and use the hashtag: #themondayrelovedtreasurenest and share a photo of reloved treasure around the theme of TEA. Share the story of the treasure and tag me if you like so I can be sure to visit your instagram account. Or, if you’re not an instagram kind of person, why don’t you leave me a comment here and share a tea related reloved treasure story. That would be really nice. Email me a photo if you’re feeling extra energetic and maybe I’ll have a sharing space every now and then here. That would be really fun.

Happy Monday to you! Oh, and if you happen to be a mum,  Happy Mother’s Day to you  for yesterday. xx

Kim x