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Hello there. Yep, It’s Monday again. Time for a new  reloved treasure sharing week. This Monday’s theme is: tin.

I love old tins. I love the way they look all piled up together or just sitting pretty on their own. I love their handiness for storing little bits and pieces that you don’t have a home for. I love it when I find one at a garage sale and wonder what it had stored in it. Sometimes it’s really obvious because the stored stuff is still inside. Usually old sheds have reloved tins filled with rusty nails and old screws.I love rummaging around those places, shaking the tins for hints of life within.  Sometimes the stuff inside is as equally as lovely as the tin itself. Once I bought some gorgeous old timber cotton reels from ebay. When they arrived in the mail they were stored inside a lovely old tin. Double bonus.


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Most of my tins have something special about them. Usually it’s about the person who gave the tin to me. That round, blue, florally one is one of my favourites. It was given to me by my lovely friend, Rae, and it stores all of our game dice. The yellow and blue flowery square one is also a favourite and is my most recent tin addition. Pete and Jess found it for me at a garage sale. Inside it stores an old icing set which came with it. We think it was a chocolate tin originally. What do you think?

The tin with the boy kicking a football is a special one too. My Nan gave it to me on our last visit. Her old friend, Leo, gave it to her a long time ago and she’s treasured it but never really used it. She wondered if I’d put it to use and of course I said that I would. She wanted to see it loved and utilised. The tall red one has got me stumped. I’m pretty sure I got it from a garage sale but there’s a tiny part of me which is wondering whether Rae also gave it to me. I’m always drawn to red tins. They add a little bit of colour and happiness to my shelves and cabinet tops.




I love how everything used to come in a tin years ago. Tea, tobacco, chocolates, biscuits, cocoa, icecream. Now they all come in plastic or cardboard. Throw away. Nothing is made to last or be reloved anymore. Don’t you think that’s sad?




So, how about you… are you a tin collector? Maybe you’re into something else reloved that’s made of tin? Why don’t you join in over on instagram this week for our tin theme. Take a photo of something reloved and  made of tin, hashtag it: #themondayrelovedtreasurenest and share your little story.

Looking forward to seeing your reloved tin treasures.

Happy long weekend.

Kim x