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Welcome to my new Monday bit of fun. I’ve called this new little feature: The Monday Re-Loved Treasure Nest. It’s all about pretty vintagey, second hand treasures that we have in and around our nest. Our, meaning you and me.  It’s about sharing them with one another as well as the stories that go with them.

Are you into re-loved treasures?

I’m sure most of you would know that my house is filled with them.  As a matter of fact I have  very few new, as in, new new, things. My undies I buy new. I’m sure you’re happy to know that.  But mostly I buy old stuff. I love the look of it. I love the feel of it. I love the smell of it, especially old cabinets and books. Mmmmmm. I love the patina that it gets and the character that develops as something wears. I especially love the stories behind each and every piece of re-loved treasure. Stories as simple as remembering the old man who sold me the treasure at his garage sale or the  precious stories of the treasure that had been handed down from one generation to the next.  So many lovely, heart warming  stories can be told in just one home. In just one room. Reloved treasures evoke a sense of wonder in me.  Where did it come from? Who originally owned it? Did they love it? Did they use it? Were they sad to part with it? How did that crack appear? Why is it chipped only on one side? Why is that gouge in the back of it? 

When I look at the old kitchen scales that my Nan gave me recently  I think of the story behind them. They originally belonged to her mum.  Thinking about my great grandmother weighing flour and dried fruit to make her Christmas puddings  brings me as smile to my face. The scales  lived in a 1930’s kitchen  in Manly. Then  in Collaroy Plateau. Then in  Narrabeen. Then Gulgong. Now they live with me. And I imagine that I’ll be wanting to give them to Lew when he’s old enough to appreciate them. Or maybe he won’t want them? But hopefully someone will. Maybe he’ll sell them at a garage sale and someone new, totally out of the family will treasure them and start the ball rolling once again. I imagine they’ll still be as solid as a rock in another 50 years.

So now to what this Monday ReLoved Treasure Nest is all about. Every Monday I am going to go on a little treasure hunt around my home taking photos of something reloved that links up to the theme for the week.  This week’s theme is flowers. I’ll pop them here {the theme and the piccies} on my blog and then I’ll also add a photo to my instagram account along with the theme and hashtag reminder every Monday. I’d love it if you would do the same over on  instagram.

The re-loved treasures could be on display on a little shelf in your kitchen or in a cabinet or beside your bed or they may be treasures that you have stored away in your cupboards that would love to be brought out, at least for a day or so, and get a bit of love and attention.  I’m sure you’ve got some and I’m sure that they have a story to tell. I’d really, really, really love it if you would get involved with me so that we can share some re-loved nestyness together. Would you? Please?

All you need to do is follow my instagram account: @featherandnest and then link up to the hashtag #themondayrelovedtreasurenest every time you want to share your photo/s for the week. Add as many photos as you like.  I might even have some giveaways happening over there from time to time so that would be fun. It’s going to be thematic so you can be as creative as you like. You can share actual spaces in and around your nest or create your own vignettes based around the theme. The choice is yours. I can’t wait to see your reloved treasures and hear all of your stories.

OK, so now to  this week’s theme: flowers. I love them. I love them in my garden and in my nest. I’ve always got to have  some sort of flower arrangement on my table. Usually they are freshly picked from the garden … hmmm, oh, sometimes they don’t look so fresh and the water gets a bit slimy and then I know it’s time to get rid of those and start all over again, real living style. But flowers in the house are pretty constant here in this nest. After picking a fresh bunch the other morning I happened to pop the vase full of flowers onto one of  my favourite dining chairs. The old red one.  I loved the way it looked. The old red chair sits quite close to my barn door and I love the colour combination of the red and green chipped paint. So of course I grabbed my camera and took a few shots before popping my vase of flowers onto the dining table.


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So, what stories do I have to tell around these reloved treasures?

Well, the old red chair I picked up from a garage sale in Kalaru, not far from home, last year. I bought it with two other chairs that also hang out around my dining table. The others are a browny colour and will be repainted one day but underneath the brown you can see that they too were once the same red. I really wish they were still red. I was so happy with my treasures that day because it meant that I had enough eclectic timber chairs to go around my table. In my old house I had matching chairs which I never loved. I planned to get rid of them and swap them over for old, mis-matching ones but did. It’s a nice feeling accomplishing plans.

The old barn door is my favourite fixed thing in my house. I always wanted a sliding barn door while I was designing this nest. It was always in my plans and so I was determined while building to find one that would be perfect for the job. I did find one that I loved at a second hand store in town. It was the perfect colour, perfect simple style that I liked, perfect amount of weathered, flaky paint. I was so excited  to find it and rushed to get it back to my builder so he could fix it when he was ready. A little problem though, that I overlooked somehow. When we got it into the spot it would go my builder showed me the issue that would render the door not really so perfect after all. It was too short. Far too short. Like so short that I could see over the top of it when it was standing up. I’m not sure how I missed that little detail but missed it I did.

My face must’ve looked pretty forlorn as my builder told me the sad, sad news because he was quick to put my mind at ease, telling me that he’d find me a door that would fit perfectly and be in keeping with what I liked. He ended up getting this door from his brother’s old dairy. I was stoked when I saw it and it felt nice knowing that the person who built my home  had a role in getting it for me.  The door also had a little bit of history with his family as well. The dairy that his brother has on his property was part of their family farm. That felt nice. And I think of all the cute little jersey cows that would’ve splattered their poo all over the door and my heart sings. Weirdo that I am.

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So that’s my Monday Reloved Treasure Nest story for this week. Will you come and join me over on instagram? I can’t wait to hear your stories and see your reloved treasures. Remember this week’s theme is FLOWERS so have lots of fun taking photos of flowers with your reloved treasure and I’ll see you over here:

@featherandnest    #themondayrelovedtreasurenest


Happy Monday!

Kim x

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