Hello there.

I hope you had a lovely long, restful weekend over Easter. What did you get up to? We didn’t do too much but what we did do was lovely.

Friday was quiet but we spent time learning about my new camera {very excited about that!} and more instagrammy stuff. Lew spent the day with his dad not doing too much either. Saturday was a garage sale full day. 6 garage sales in one day! Woo hoo! We were in heaven! I love spending our Saturdays treasure hunting together. There’s always something waiting for us, though I do think we probably should slow down a little as we both have tiny houses and the back of our car is always quite full on our return home. Something’s gotta give. Or maybe we just need to have our own little garage sale and move some stuff one? That’s a good little solution. At least then we get to continue garage saling.

What else did we get up to? Sunday was church at our place {we have a home church, have I mentioned that before?}. The message was great, so too the conversation and of course, morning tea.

I made some vegan chocolatey treats for Lew to devour over the day on Sunday as he’s quite restricted easter egg wise now that he’s  vegan. I made him some bliss balls which I kind of made up and some vegan chocolate bark. He liked them OK enough though I can tell he just doesn’t view chocolate treats the same way now that he’s restricted what he can and can’t have. A good thing, I guess, though I can sense he has some feelings of longing. As anyone would. I can’t imagine living without chocolate that has milk solids in it. Never in a million years could I imagine it.




On Sunday afternoon, my sister and her kids and my brother and his wife and Pete’s mum came over for Easter drinks and nibblies. We had a little egg hunt for the kids and I managed to get Lew to join in with the lure of some lollies that he could eat. Ov was so excited thinking that the Easter Bunny had found his way to our garden. It’s such a treasure of an age, 6. He’s still so innocent and unworldly.




But the piece de resistance were these pretty and delicious morsels that my sister, Sarah made and brought over for us to share. Oh my goodness they were good.


cronutIMG_0297 (2)


Cronuts. Have you heard of them? Have you had one? They are the yummiest sweet thing I think I’ve ever eaten. Part croissant and part donut. They have the best of both world’s all swirling around inside of them as well as yummy little dollops of fresh cream. Honestly, if you’ve never had one then you have got to try them.





I might get Sarah to share the recipe with us here one day so we can all make them for ourselves. Then we can all say that we have truly lived.




So that was our Eastery long weekend. I hope yours was lovely, whatever you got up to. Next up on the blog Pete will be talking race days and he also has an interview with a local bookie to share with you all.

See you soon.

Kim xx