Well, I told you the time would come when I’d wether the sheep and I finally did, a little late, but the job got done.


petes sheep 7


Look at the size of them!


petes sheep 6


First I had to fool proof the fence because during the last attempt at working with the sheep  they bowled under it, forcing their way out of my holding paddock. It took another month to tempt them back into it.

I don’t try and round them up anymore. It’s too much like hard work when the paddock’s 23 acres. The top holding paddock is only around an acre and a so it’s a lot easier to manage the sheep in there.

So, I had them trapped and reinforced the fence so no more getting under. The next step was to upgrade my coral. Last time I worked with the sheep  I made a  coral  out of chicken wire and star pickets. The sheep charged the wire and jumped over and was a bit of a struggle so this time we upgraded. The neighbour was kind enough to donate some old pool fencing which worked a treat. Bit of tie wire,  coupla cable ties, half an hour  of stuffing around and a cold beer ….

tad da….



Bobs your uncle!

Never quite got that saying, anyhow it worked a treat. Gave them all a drench, bahhhh (yep, funny…from Kim)  one who’s going to become lamb chops very soon,  and ringed a few tails…..




….and a  couple sets of nuts.

They were hard to do because the sheep were a little bit older than normal. I’m sure it was pretty uncomfortable for them. We all had a giggle as they ran off squirming, and in the back of our minds we shuddered at the thought of it happening to us.


petes sheep 2


It was a small team but everyone did their job well and it went off smoothly. Josh on his bike, the neighbour Glenn herding and helping tackle them down, Kimmy on the gates and my little princess Jess taking photos. A great job.

Josh had a ball, pardon the pun and  I’m sure he’s telling his mates all about it at school.