How exciting is it that autumn has arrived? I feel like I can breathe again…even though it’s still pretty warm here this week but it’s nice to know that some regular cooler weather is just around the corner. Or are you one of those summer loving people? Either way, we all get a bit of what we like as the year unfolds – warm, cool and in between. Where I live, at least.

And the other nice thing  about this time of year is that it’s my birthday on the first of March {yesterday. Actually there seems to be quite a few birthdays going on around this time of year and so I’ve been finding myself tucking into some pretty yummy food this week. You get that with birthdays. And the thing that goes with birthdays and food is friends {and family}. How lovely is it to share yummy food with the people we love? I don’t think there’s much nicer thing to do. And the even lovelier than lovely thing is when they prepare or bring the food. It warms my heart so much. People who share their heart and love with food are some of my favourite kind of people. My family seem to be that way so maybe it’s just what I’m used to but I find that my closest friends are also the people who are into food and sharing it with one another. Lew is that way too. He loves food and sharing a meal and now he’s getting into cooking himself he particularly loves to cook for us and have us enjoy together the meal that he’s prepared. It’s such a treat and I feel so blessed to have a 16 year old who is into food and cooking too.

So, that yummy, yummy chocolate bowl filled with custard and fruit was brought over and shared with me by my oldest and gorgeous friend, Tash. We made our way through one of those each, hello!, some cups of tea and a big sultana scone with lashings of butter. Yum!




After we had eaten we waddled off  to the gym to try and burn a little bit of what we’d scoffed. Oh, it was yummo!




On Monday, Lew and I went for a lovely little road trip out to some good friend’s of ours. It was Ptol’s birthday so we found ourselves scoffing those yummy tarts filled with roast tomato and mascarpone basil pesto and onion and olive and feta made by David, Ptol’s dad, who hates compliments but makes such yummy food that I can’t help but compliment him and it gets all uncomfortable as he always fights my continual positive, mouth-full of food  outbursts.  Maybe it’s the food spray he’s actually more concerned with? Hmmm….




And that layered pavlova up there…oh wow, it was the bestest pavlova I’ve ever eaten. Made by my lovely friend, Melinda {Ptol’s mum}. It was vanillary and gooey and fluffy where it should be but crunchy where the crunch should be. Mouth watering.




For an early birthday celebration Pete’s beautiful mum came over for dinner and brought with her a delicious apple crumble which we ate far too quickly so I missed out on snapping a  photo of it, so unlike me. She also brought this divine little chocolate mud cake which we couldn’t fit in on the night but which we’ve been having slithers of every night since. Mmmm.



And for my birthday, yesterday, Lew made me toast and tea in bed which was a treat and for lunch Pete took me out to a local Indian restaurant in town. Then for dinner my lovely, lovely friend, Lynda, went overboard and organised a sumptuous feast of home made burgers and chips and salad and cake and cheese and wine and all things yummy as well as inviting some of my favourite people to celebrate with us.

It was such a lovely, food indulgent day…OK, week, and it’s only Wednesday!

There’s a lot of gym work outs ahead of me now but it was so worth it. Food, friends, family, autumn, birthdays – these have to be up there with the lovelier things in life.

It’s been  a beautiful week.

I hope yours has been too. Tell me, are you an autumn person or are you one of those whiney-about-the-cold summer people?

Chat soon.

Kim x