vinnies 1


So, Kimmy was taking me to visit her grandparents place in Gulgong a little while back now and I was more than happy because that’s just another thing we don’t do often enough, spend time with our grandparents. All I have of my own grandparents are happy memories and of my ex wife’s grandparents  and now of Kim’s. They have so much to share and all the time to share it but none of us make enough time  in our rushed world. Gone are the days when grandparents lived closer or with us, the days when they helped bring us up when we were kids. We really have to slow down this merry go round of life and do things the good ol’ fashioned way.




Anyway, off we set and we left early because I knew the trip was going to take a while and being the good instagram husband that I am I wasn’t going to have Kimmy miss out on photo taking opportunities. We were on the road by 5:30am and even though I’ve travelled around a fair bit there were places we were going to visit that I’d never been before so I knew we’d need a fair bit of travelling time to make sure we could check out the local hot spots in town. For us, the hot spots were Vinnies and some of them were just starting to open by the time we hit anywhere remotely civilised. Some were shut because of the long weekend so we made sure we checked them out on our trip home.

So this treasure hunt was all about Vinnies {and the occassional red cross or salvos}.




The best one of all would have had to have been Cowra. You should’ve seen Kimmy’s eyes light up when she saw how big it was inside…there was an upstairs level! Upstairs is where Kimmy spotted my desk lamp  – the old “Oi” with a cheeky grin and the quick come here finger innuendo got me over there in a hurry. It was perfect and the buy of the whole trip.




We bought up big there and walked out feeling as if we’d just dug our first nugget. We couldn’t wait to dig for more in the next town.



{Mum…Pete ended up with this rolling pin! Just saying….from the editor} {Because you’ve got 20 of the things!!!! Pete}

And so it went on, Vinnies after Vinnies, on the slow survey through each town, looking for the blue and white symbol or for any other op shop we could spot. Kimmy reckons I could sniff them out because I always seemed to spot them before she did. Anyway, by the time we arrived at her grandparents place the car was half full. The original plan was to sleep in the car but that went out the window and so we decided to sleep under the stars.

On the way back we filled the rest of the spare space up with jewellery and old stuff for Kimmy, a bag  and fancy outfit for Jess to wear when she plays teacher, cricket pads and box for Josh if he takes up cricket again or just to use in the back yard if he wants to use a real ball, and a drawing model for Lew. There was something for everyone. We also got the classic game, Cluedo for all of us to play which we have done several times already. How’s it go? An oldie but a goodie.




Anyway, the trip was a success with a happy Kimmy cause we took our time, took lots of pics, hunted through lots of Vinnies and found a little treasure for everyone. My treasure was in the car all the time. We didn’t listen to the radio or music the whole trip – a 7 and a half hour journey that took 10 hours each way. And I hardly got a word in. I wonder if she’ll edit that? {she was tempted! insert face with tongue sticking out …from the editor}