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So, I’ve been on a little journey, a treasure hunt really, to find a little old 1950’s caravan to call my own. The journey began quite awhile ago now but the cement in the vintage caravan obsession brick wall was my interview with the lovely Georgina from Perpetual One when she talked about her 1960’s Sunliner, Sunny that she used to sell her old wares from at the markets.

Not much really happened from then til now though. It was more of an interest/instagram/dreamy kind of thing. That was until recently. I started to get a lot more serious about my vintage caravan venture. This time in my life is a time for growing and venturing out into the unknown…a place I’ve often found hard to go to and tend to pull back and talk myself out of because risk taking isn’t really part of my nature. But like I’ve said in posts gone by, Pete has been an encouraging force, and so I started some serious searching online.

And then I put a bid on ebay. I’d had my eye on Ethel a 1950’s bond wood green girl form Mittagong. After a phone call to her owner Pete encouraged me to go and see the caravan.

So, off we went.

Ethel was gorgeous. Green on the outside…hello my favourite colour! Green cupboard doors on the inside and the rest was white.

I fell in love with Ethel straight away.



I imagined my ideas blossoming with Ethel in tow. Pete and I went out to dinner and chatted about all of my plans for Ethel. We came up with some new ones too and we both felt excitement for future adventures.

But  Ethel was not meant to be. Someone else ended up with her.

I felt sad that I’d missed out  and worried that perhaps I was doing the wrong thing by pursuing this little dream of mine. A shed tear and a bit of common sense talk and I was back on the road for finding the vintage van that could be mine. The  lovely bonus about meeting Ethel and her owner, Jo, is that I will get to show you more of Ethel and tell you her story here  soon. Jo and I, it seems, have a lot in common, not only do we have a thing for vintage vans but we both have a passion for collecting old treasures. It’s always nice to meet another like minded vintage hoarder.


V__7F7E (2)


So the 1950’s vintage caravan hunt continued. I found a few on ebay and gumtree and some other online selling sites, some really run down, others not quite what I was looking for. Some in Melbourne. Some in QLD. Some in SA. They are reasonably few and far, far between. I ended up having 3 options in Melbourne and so we decided to take the weekend and go and have a look at them. Only one excited me. The night before we were to leave for Melbourne I rang to organise a look at the van I was pretty keen on. After emailing through out the week to the owner I felt fairly certain that the van was going to be suitable and still available. On ringing the owner however I found out that the caravan had sold that day and that I had, once again, missed out.

Again I felt that disappointed feeling and the thoughts of should I really be doing this anyway haunted my mind…for all of about 30 minutes. The inspiration and motivation quickly flooded my mind again and  I found myself back online pursuing for sale sites looking for another caravan. One had caught my attention during the week but it was quite clear in the ad that the owner preferred to sell the caravan and an old car shown as a package deal. So I think I’d put that caravan out of my mind.

So Friday arrived and we had no idea whether we were still going to head to Melbourne and look a the other two available  caravans down that way or not. I spent the morning researching and then decided to give the owner of the car and caravan a call just to see how they felt about selling the caravan separately. She was busy with someone already looking so she said she’d ring me back in an hour. My heart was heavy once again. I assumed the lookers would snap the caravan up as the previous ones I’d liked had been snapped up. On waiting the hour and not a minute more I decided to call her back again. She answered and told me that she had actually just had someone looking to buy the car and not the caravan so yes, the caravan she would be happy to sell separately.

Decision made. In half an hour we ‘d jumped in the car and began the journey north to Wyong on the Central Coast to view this blue and white old girl. Poor Pete didn’t know if he was Arthur or Martha all morning. Such a patient man.

On arriving at the caravan I knew it was the right one. It was in great condition but still had room for me to put my own mark on it. It was in good towing order with 3 brand new tyres, registration until the end of the year and no signs of major rust or other nasty metal issues. The floors seemed pretty solid too and the walls had no signs of rot and had not long ago been painted on the outside.

After a thorough going over I looked over at Pete and got the nod that all was well structurally. Next it was time to discuss a price. Off we went to the local pub to go to the toilet and have some chatting time while I thought about a reasonable offer to make. On making the call to Sue {the owner}  she agreed on my offering price and that was that.


Back we went to Sue’s place to help her get her stuff out of our new little caravan and exchange money and documents. The caravan was being stored inside a big shed on Sue’s property. Sitting outside the shed were a few old bicycles, one of which was quite old and the style I really loved. Pete mentioned the bike to Sue and she said she’d sell it to us for $10. Bargain! So up on the roof racks went the old bike and onto the tow ball went my little old caravan and off we drove with a wave to Sue, a big smile on my face and a feeling of contentment and relief.

The trip home went well with no hiccups along the way. We knew we wanted to stay the night somewhere so we ended up in the same caravan park as we were in only a week before when we went to look at Ethel. Mittagong, a very cute town with some yummy places to eat would be the place we had our first sleep in the  little, old caravan. Mittagong now has made a nice little notch in our hearts as we’ve now got some pretty  lovely memories made there.




After a long drive we finally made the turn into our road with our little caravan.




It was a nice feeling to have her home, safe and sound.

Now the new chapter of her life and my life as a vintage caravan owner, begins. There will be much to ramble about as the days and weeks and months and, hopefully, years,  go on. I’ll share some of my plans with you a little later but first I’m agonising over a name for this little 12 foot girl. There was already a Toy Story sticker and name Woody on the side of the caravan but I really feel this one is a girl, for sure. It hasn’t had this name for very long so I don’t feel like it’s too drastic to change it. Names, for me, are lots of fun. There are quite a few that I love. A lot of them are based on 1950’s girls names. Some are just names I thought might be cute. Mabel is stuck in my head. Pete threw a spanner in the works and suggested that maybe I should call her a T.P name as that’s what her number plate says.

That’s thrown me.

But anyway, let me know what you think.

Have you got a nice name for her?

I’d love to know it if you do. 

Kim xx