Hi. Pete here.

Sometimes in life you can really see things as they are and for what they are. It’s usually the little things and probably the things that you’ve seen a hundred times before. Like sayings that ring true but sometimes you’ll see it in front of you and it’ll ring true and be clearer than you’ve seen it before. Like a kick in the teeth and all of a sudden you realise that you’re not the one one who’s been through this, done that and had to learn from your mistakes.

So a little advice, love the one you’re with. Cease the moment. Life’s too short. Happiness is contagious.




I’m on holidays at the moment out the back of nowhere. I’m somewhere I’ve never been before but it all looks so familiar. Right now I’m in the middle of a paddock watching a swarm of bees go around me. After watching them for awhile and thinking  about nature, which I reckon none of us do often enough these days, I realised that they were mating. When there’s more than one queen, the new {or is it the old?}  queen flies out and all the workers go crazy and fly around chasing her and then start a new hive.

Something like that but I’m sure you’ll let me know if I’m wrong.

Anyway, it was nice to watch and appreciate and have the time to take the time. Something else we all don’t find the time to do often enough, don’t you think? Life goes too fast because we make it so busy. I’m not one to talk. I’ve always got to be doing something but I wonder, are we just occupying our minds so we don’t have to listen to ourselves. Are we too scared of what self realisation we might make. Or is it the training we’ve been given at birth to start talking and start walking, start learning, start working.

What about stop walking, stop talking.

Hear, feel, smell, taste, see.

Life is simple.

Life is beautiful.

Enjoy it.



Anyway, I’d probably better stop sucking in this fresh air and occupy my brain. I’m going out the back with Pop or Old Charlie, my newly acquainted relo. He reminds me of all the fair dinkum country folk you’d meet and fall in love with for their straight up honesty and hospitality.




We are off to bottle some moonshine, Charlie’s home made medicine that’s kept him alive and active on his farm at the ripe old age of 85. Ripe old age: when fruit gets ripe and old it gets wrinkly. But you know what? Inside it’s just pickled beauty.




Anyhow, we are probably going to mix up 5 litres then go inside and sample a few mls then tend to the chooks and calves he’s got.

Ahhh…you know…


It’s the simple things.