So, do you remember when I said that Pete would be having a bit of a voice on here from time to time and adding a blokey element to Feather & Nest? It was here that I mentioned it, back when we were making the croquets. The  bit about who Pete is, that’s here if you want to have another read or you some how missed it. Well, the exciting moment has arrived and Pete has come out of the shed,  rod in hand ready to go fishing so I thought I’d better catch him before he heads out so he can make his first introductory appearance before The Weathered Shed begins in 2016. OK, he’s not really just coming out of the shed or going fishing but, well he could be and it’s very like him so I thought I’d throw that in for atmosphere and mood setting…BUT he is really here and he is about to introduce himself so I’ll stop butting in on his post …of course butting in is something that’s extremely foreign to my nature and our relationship….NOT! and I’ll let Pete take it from here….


I’ve been requested to write this piece and be a male influence here on Kimmie’s blog so here goes….

Let me just add this link  to let you all in on where I’m coming from and how life is for me:

the link to my life is here!

As you can see it takes a bit to love this woman but she’s worth it and I like her cooking even when it’s cold.

So I guess I should give you a bit of background on myself. I’m a tigers man {note from the editor:….Ummm, that’s Richmond tigers, AFL….for all of you who know nothing about such things} born in Melbourne. I’m a sparky by trade and love to fish and tinker in the shed. That’s the blokes sorted. Oh, and I love beer! So if I’m going to do a feature or segment here on a fairly regular basis that would probably be my first focus.


That’s the blokey readers sorted. I’m hoping to gather a few more along the way and stir up the feminine side of things here just a bit.

For the women, well, I don’t mind getting my hands dirty in the kitchen and garden so I’m sure there’ll be enough to keep you girls interested.


I moved here to the Bega Valley about 6 years ago to live the country coastal lifestyle and to bring up my kids enjoying the simplicity and basics of life which living here gives me.  I have a hobby farm, 26 acres just off the coast, and it is teaching me all the time …and it takes up more time than I have to give it but that’s all part of it. This last year has taught me even more to appreciate what I have and where I am in my life. It’s shown me that life just keeps on keeping on so I need to grab hold and enjoy the ride because, as all you who have left 40 behind a little while ago would know, it just keeps on getting faster and faster. …..

Well, it’s almost the start of a new year and it has been Kim’s wish that she wanted completed by the end of this old year…that I introduce myself to you all here on her blog and start my blog features for the new year at least with you knowing a little bit about me. And with the new year pending and resolutions in mind – not that I can say I’ve ever been a fan of them or really tried to keep them in the past – I’m going to surge at one for this new year.  I’d like to try it and I think it’s one we could all have a go at and that is to make the things that are important to me more of a focus this year and make things happen because if I put as much into me as I do for others, especially at work, then I’m bound to achieve.

On that note I think you’ve got a bit on me now and hopefully I’ve given a little to you.

So from the patient fan of the one who thinks everything is a photo opportunity, I’m off to mow her lawn…



See you soon

Pete aka The Weathered Shed

Note from editor: As you can all see I took advantage of this lawn mowing photo opportunity just to give you a glimpse of Pete at his best – thongs and flanny on with stubby in hand 😉