6tag_311015-091703   Roses are definitely red around this little tin house. Red climbing roses seem to be taking over and I’m loving them to bits. My pink Pierre’s are starting to peep through the red and I’m not going to turn around and leave them out forever and forget my love for Pierre  BUT….   WP_20151030_11_10_14_Pro   It’s all about that red, about that red… {bass…red…get it? …? …anyway}! So, around the veggie garden and along the verandah I have climbing Blackboy. My neighbour thinks they have been marked wrongly and I’ve been given Red Icebergs instead … I’m not too sure as I’ve never grown either before but whatever they really are I’m loving them. They are vigorous and scented and they spot flower all through winter but their spring show is just so lovely and abundant. I’ve also got another red rose that I need to look up in my garden journal but it reminds me of my neighbour because it has the name Paul in it somewhere…Paul’s Scarlet Climber or something like that. It’s a pretty one too. WP_20151030_11_10_47_ProWP_20151030_11_11_08_ProWP_20151030_11_11_48_Pro   Tucked in amongst the Blackboys is a climbing Mr Lincoln. Last year it didn’t do much at all but this year it has taken off. The flowers are huge and they smell so divine. I’ve always loved Mr Lincoln and have it growing as a bush rose in other places but as a climber, it is even lovelier.   WP_20151030_11_16_43_ProWP_20151030_11_14_01_Pro__highres And tucked in amongst all of that is a gorgeous red Pierre de Ronsard that my beautiful friend, Julie {she has a gorgeous blog…you should go and have a sticky beak} gave to me for my birthday last year. I absolutely love it and have been waiting for it to do it’s thing this year. It’s just started revving up and so every day I go out and say hello to it and see where it’s at.   WP_20151030_11_13_45_Pro__highresWP_20151030_11_09_30_Pro__highres   And as well as all those roses I also have a couple of red geraniums. One is from the purple house, the other, the darker one, is a cutting from my uncle’s lovely partner, Mary.   WP_20151030_11_13_13_Pro__highres   So you can see that at the moment in my little neck of the woods it’s all red, red, red. Stay tuned for some pink and apricot coming soon….